Rigid Industries - Dually LED lights

The rugged Dually range of compact LED lights offer up to 2,600 lumens of light each and like the E Series range are 94% efficient, providing more light using less power and a 50,000 hour life expectancy. read more

Dually LED

4 LED's - 1,300 Lumens

Dually D2 LED

6 LED's - 2,600 Lumens

Dually Diffusion LED

6 LED's - 2,600 Lumens

LED Dually light output comparison

LED Dually videos

Rigid Industries LED lighting range includes

E Series LED Light Bars

E Series continues to push the envelope with it's superior optics and unmatched efficiency. With the use of a patented hybrid reflector system, E Series gives the brightest, most efficient LED light on the market. Having the greatest lumen output per watt available on the market is why E Series is the leader in LED lighting solutions. View E Series pricing.

Dually Compact LED Lights

Now available with 4 or 6 LED's, the Dually and D2 Dually lights are compact and can be used for anything from a reverse light on a truck, a handlebar light on a Motorcycle, to a flood light on a trailer. With up to 2,600 lumens of light, this small light has an output equivalent to or greater than a 6" light bar. View Dually Series pricing.

SR Series LED Light Bars

The SR (Single Row) Series LED light bars use specter optics, the new patented reflector system that offers unmatched efficiency and superior illumination. Measuring only 1.5" (3.81cm) tall the SR Series LED light bars are more compact than the original E Series, allowing greater versatility with mounting options. View SR Series pricing.

Amber Series LED Light Bars

The E-Series Amber LED shines just as far as the regular E-Series LED, but in an amber color to reduce the glare from dust or fog. Amber Series LED lights are available in numerous lengths and just like all E-Series LEDs, the new Amber series is one of the toughest and most dependable LED lights on the market. View Amber Series pricing.

Light Bar Lens Covers

A great addition for all E Series light bars, these covers offer protection to the lens when the light is not in use and keep your vehicle street legal in states requiring covers. Available in 6 different colours and sold in durable 10" sections that snap on/off with ease. View Lens Cover pricing.

Mounting Accessories

Also available are clamps, cradles and ATV mounting options for all vehicle types. View Mounting Accessory pricing.

LED Light RG1DUAL Detail

Dually LED Light

Model Watts AMP Draw LED’s Lumens Lux @10m
Dually Flood 15 1.0 4 1300 71.43
Dually Spot 15 1.0 4 1300 250
LED Light RGD2DUAL Detail

Dually D2 LED Light

Model Watts AMP Draw LED’s Lumens Lux @10m
Dually D2 Driving 28 1.9 6 2600 165 (XP-G)
LED Light RGD2DIFF Detail

Dually Diffusion LED Light

Model Watts AMP Draw LED’s Lumens Lux @10m
Dually Diffusion 15 1.0 4 1300 -
Dually D2 Diffusion 28 1.9 6 2600 -

Why choose Dually LED Lights?

Dually LED lights are manufactured by Rigid Industries (the original pioneer of forward projecting LED lights) and have superior optics, unmatched efficiency and a patented hybrid reflector system that delivers up to 2,600 lumens from a compact light. On top of the impressive light output the Dually range features an indestructible cast alloy housing and Lexan lens, for the ultimate compact LED light.

  • 2,600 Lumens*
  • 50,000+ Hour Life Span
  • 12v & 24v Compatible
  • 93% Optical Efficiency
  • Cast Alloy Housing
  • Unbreakable Lexan Lens
  • Compact 3" x 3" light
  • No Warmup, Instant On/Off
  • No Vibration or Bouncing Beam
  • No Bulbs to Burn Out
  • No Ballast to Mount
  • No Hot Spots or Shadows
  • Easy Two Wire Installation
  • Inbuilt Fuse, Relay & Switch

*D2 models only

What is an LED?

A Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a semiconductor diode that emits light when an electric current is applied in the forward direction of the device, as in the simple LED circuit. The effect is a form of electroluminescence where incoherent and narrow spectrum light is emitted from the P-N junction in a solid state material.

  1. Custom designed oversized heatsink keeps LED's running cooler and brighter while lasting longer.
  2. Super efficient LED driver circuitry allows 97% of the power directly to the LED's.
  3. Custom molded rubber seal for 100% waterproof enclosure.
  4. Reflector array available in all spot, all flood or any combination.
  5. Unbreakable optically clear Lexan lens.
  6. 7 screws per side, every 10" for a positively sealed light enclosure.
  7. Patented Hybrid Reflector Lens Combo, 94% efficient for more light with less power and longer life.
  8. 100+ Lumen Per Watt LED's. Over 50,000 Hour useful life.
  9. Damage to part of the light will only cause LED's in that section to fail. "The Ultimate in Reliability"
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