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    Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge 2011 Video Gallery 

    Mad Fab Suzuki and Krystal from Snake Racing at Tough Dog Tuff Truck 2011

    The Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge (TTC) is a three day, hard as they come, 4WD competition event. The TTC is grueling and enduring, and provides a real test for competing teams as they push themselves and their vehicles to the absolute limit. Boulders, Rock, Mud, Giant Tyres, Deep Deep Holes and Ruts make up the terrain that competitors must conquer… in hope of taking out the annual perpetual Tuff Truck trophy.

    The Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge has been proudly sponsored by Snake Racing since 2008 😉 This year Krystal and the Snake Racing Media Team bring you up close and personal with behind the scenes footage that you won’t see anywhere else! Check out some of the action from the 2011 event below.

    Find Even More event videos on our YouTube Channel- Snake Racing Australia

    Tough Dog Tuff Truck 2011- Event Highlights (rock crawling)

    Suzuki rock crawler (team: Mad Fab) at Tough Dog Tuff Truck 2011

    Tough Dog Tuff Truck 2011 People and Spectators

    Toyota HiLux rock crawler (team Bright Sparks) at Tough Dog Tuff Truck 2011

    If this isn’t enough Tuff Truck action for you, then order your Tuff Truck DVD’s by clicking here!

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    Tough Dog Tuff Truck Planning Guide 

    Mad Fab roll over on Tuff Truck Jaw Breaker Stage

    Before you join us at the Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge take a moment to think about your trip

    So you’ve herd about the excitement, drama and spectical that is the Tough Dog Tuff Truck challenge and finally decided to experience the action first hand. Congratulations!! The Tough Dog Tuff Truck is Australia’s premier extreme rock crawling competition and you won’t be disappointed.

    The team at Snake Racing have been proud sponsors of Tuff Truck since 2008 and we’ve learned a thing or two about the event. From pre-trip planning to getting home, here is our top tips for getting the most out of your event experience.

    1) Where the Bloody Hell is it!!??

    Plan your journey ahead of time. The Tuff Truck Challenge is held on private property in Milbrodale, NSW. You want to set your GPS to take you to WELSH RD, Milbrodale NSW 2330. Generally you will be travelling from the South (Sydney or Sydney Airport) or from the North (Newcastle or Singleton area).  Here is directions for both South and Northern NSW travellers.

    Sydney to Tuff Truck Challenge

    Option 1) Pacific Highway

    1. Cross the Harbour Bridge and proceed along Pacific Highway north to the National 1 (F3) freeway at Wahroonga
    2. Travel north along National 1 (F3) freeway towards Newcastle (approximately 1 hour)
    3. Turn off the National 1 (F3) freeway at Cessnock/Kurri Kurri exit and proceed to Cessnock
    4. As you enter Cessnock along Aberdare Road, turn right at the first set of traffic lights onto Vincent Street (following the directional signs to Branxton)
    5. Proceed to the end of Vincent Street. Turn left at traffic lights onto Wollombi Road (following the directional signs to Branxton) and then first right at the traffic lights onto Allandale Road, passing swimming pool on the left and McDonalds Restaurant on the right. Proceed along Allandale Road. 5 km out of Cessnock and you will pass the Cessnock Airport on the left-hand side.
    6. Turn left 500 metres past Airport into Broke Road
    7. Follow Broke Road for approximately 3 km to the t-intersection
    8. Turn left at the t-intersection onto McDonalds Road
    9. Turn right on to Broke Road and continue along until you reach another “T”
    10. Turn right on to Wollombi St, on your right hand side is the Broke General Store and your left the Broke Fire Service
    11. Turn left onto Milbrodale Rd and you’re nearly there. Follow the road until you get to the Tuff Truck Challenge. You will turn left into Welsh’s Rd just before Putty Rd.

    Option 2) Putty Road

    This is the best route for locals but it requires extreme caution whilst driving through the ranges. Slow down and be safe!!

    1. Sydney is a BIG place so from where ever suburb you are travelling from, head to Wilberforce.
    2. Head north-west on Singleton Rd (approx 10.4km)
    3. Continue onto Putty Rd (approx 26.4km)
    4. Continue north on Putty Rd through Colo Heights. This is your only opportunity for petrol for the next 100km (approx 104km)
    5. Turn Right at Milbrodale Rd (approx 130m)

    141km, estimated 1hr 58 mins

    Newcastle to Tuff Truck Challenge

    From the north head to Singleton on the New England Hwy. If you are traveling down the New England Highway, then it is the next major town after Muswellbrook. If you are traveling down the Pacific Hwy, then veer off to the right as you cross over the Hunter River and head through Maitland.

    1. As you come into Singleton, look out for the sign to Windsor
    2. This will take you onto the Putty Road. Drive 6.6 km along the Putty Road and watch out for Paynes Crossing Rd on the left to Broke
    3. As you come into Broke Milbrodale Rd is on the right (over a single lane wooden bridge)
    4. Travel west for 12.7 km. You will see signs into the entrance on Walsh’s Road

    Don’t worry, come the start of the event you won’t get lost as there is plenty of signage guiding you to the correct property gate.

    On the way home take it easy. Tuff Truck is exhausting, so plan your drive back to Sydney or Newcastle in stages. Especially if your not used to driving long distances. If you have the time plan to stop overnight in one of the many quaint and comfortable country NSW towns.

    2) Your going to need more than your Toothbrush…..

    Our top 5 items we bring are:

    5. Camping gear! You can access well maintained showers, toilets and buy quality food on site. But you can’t pre-purchase a swag or tent.
    Also, If your going to cook your own food, your going to need more than just matches. Check with event organisers if there is a fire ban in place.

    4. Wet Weather gear! Milbrodale has been known for some hot days and rainy nights, avoid the wet underwear and take a rain coat.

    3. Water! Dehydration leads to headaches, nausea and makes you an irritable, pain in the bum for your friends. Avoid never being invited to attend again and ensure you drink plenty of water.  You can purchase bottled water on site if you forget but the more economical option is to take your own.

    2. Camping Chair! It sucks sitting on the ground. Take a chair, esky or milk crate.

    1. Drinks, but leave the glass bottles at home! There is nothing better than a few drinks with your friends to celebrate an entertaining drive, just remember to act responsible and pace your self.

    3) Sleep tight or Party all night?

    Where you choose to sleep will make a big difference to your weekend. There is a reason they have 2 separate camping areas and if you’ve ever camped with the Ferals, you will know why! “So what am I” you ask? Pick which statements best describe what your expecting from your Tuff Truck weekend.


    • I want to PARTY with my mates past 10pm

    – I want to play my music loud and proud.

    • I don’t mind loud noise coming from campsites around me


    • I am taking my family (wife, children)
    • I won’t be making any noise after 10pm that will wake up other campers.
    • I want to go to bed early and wake up early so I don’t miss any of the action.
    • I don’t like loud music

    4) Don’t worry if you forget your camera!

    Thanks to the Snake Racing Media Team we will be all over the event taking photos, video and handing out goodies.

    If you have forgotten you camer you can tag yourself online in our Snake Racing Facebook Page, re-live your favourite moments by watching videos on our Snake Racing YouTube Channel and check out event coverage, articles, advice and galleries in our Snake Racing Website!

    5) Happy Wife Happy Life!

    Our final message is to remember who you are going with. If your taking your family, they won’t be too impressed if you ditch them on Friday night and then expect a ride back home on Sunday afternoon.

    Here are a few optional extras that will keep everyone happy;

    • visiting some of the award-winning Hunter Valley vineyards along the way (or after ;)),
    • a wholesome meal at the Cockfighter Creek Tavern,
    • a Tuff Truck helicopter ride,
    • face painting for the kids, and a
    • remote control rock crawling course.

    Snake Racing has some fun, surprise goodies for the kids and great show-only specials that you will find by heading to our merchandise tent in traders alley.

    Think about what you all need for a good weekend and enjoy the atmosphere!

    Story by Krystal Harden

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    Rhett Bryant and the Fully Loaded Suzuki Sierra! 

    Suziki Sierra on NOS

    “Every Time I Sit in my Rig is a Great Moment” – Rhett Bryant

    He’s Fast, He’s Furious and he’s firing off all cylinders with a fully charged bottle of NOS! For this tiny but mighty Suziki Sierra hand built by Queensland’s Wild, Rock Crawling Red Nut, Rhett Bryant “it’s allways a wheel base thing.” Krystal Harden from Snake Racing caught up with Rhett up to take a closer look at his Tuff Truck podium placing mini beast.


    The early days of Rhett Bryant's Stock Suzuki Sierra

    Starting out from humble stock as a rock beginnings, Rhett’s sierra joined the Bryant family in December of 2002. Picked up from the Ipswich dealership this 89 model Sierra was initially desten to become a mud racer.


    Theres no doubt about it, this tough Sierra is special. Rhett joked about using the Sierra as the bridal car. Jennie (Rhetts wife) jokingly told Rhett, “you can use the Sierra if it is spotless.” This was enough of a commitment to encourage Rhett to start a full re-build of the truck and in 2005 the Sierria shone like a diamond as a ‘spotless’ matrimonial chariot.

    The Sierra evolved as Rhett’s passion for rock crawling increased. Developing build ideas and fine tuning his fabrication skills until finally in 2007 the extreme-rock-crawler build up phase began. The 4″ grinder and welder became Rhetts most valued tools as he transformed the Sierra into a mini Monster Truck.


    CR_Rhett_Suzuki_11_build_5_005a-wCR_Rhett_Suzuki_12_build_5_008a-w CR_Rhett_Suzuki_13_build_5_022-w CR_Rhett_Suzuki_14_02313-w

    9 months later and the Gympie Off Road Suzuki was ready for the Australian rock crawling scene. It was driven for the first time at the Mud, Bulls and Music festival held at Queenslands’s Landcruiser Park  in November 2008. Rhett presented the sierra as an unpainted and non-rear steer truck. Choosing not to drive in the Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge in 2009 Rhett showcased his driving skills in 2010 where he placed 3rd overall.


    Tuff Truck Challenge 2010

    An extreme 4×4 enthusiast and experienced competitor Rhett’s Suzuki Sierra not only keeps the bigger 4WD’s honest, he drives it with style. Rhett has a reputation for never giving up and when the going get’s tough use the NOS!  If you see Rhett pull up to the starting line, then rest assured your in for a treat. This is the Gympie Off Road Suzukie Sierra under the microscope.
    CR_Rhett_Suzuki_17_childers_3-w King_of_Rim_R2_2010_PreCreek_0189-w

    Name: Team Rhett Bryant – Gympie Off Road
    Home town: Gympie, QLD
    Vehicle Type: Truggy, rockcrawler
    Builder: 99.5% home built
    Navigator: Varies, I wear a lot out. King of rim will be Roger Edols, Tuff Truck 2011 will be Gary Dean

    CR_Rhett_Suzuki_24_a_hot_turbo-w CR_Rhett_Suzuki_SG_2030p-w

    Vehicle Details

    Make: Suzuki
    Model: Sierra
    Chassis Design: A mostly stock chassie with all bracketry removed and dove tail rear.
    Engine: GB13b with a few upgraded internals
    Radiator: Alloy mazda RX7 aftermarket (only thing that would fit)
    Air Intake: Forced via TD4 Turbo
    Exhaust: Turbo
    Gearbox: Stock Sierra 5 spd
    Transfer Case(s): Sierra case with Trail Gear 6.5 Crawler Gears
    Fuel: Premium with Nitrous

    CR_Rhett_Suzuki_18_climb-w CR_Rhett_Suzuki_19_climb3-w

    Body Work

    Body: Mostly tube frame body.
    Stock bonnet, alloy panels
    Painter Name: Rhett Bryant
    Dash: Speco gauges
    Seats: Sierra seats recovered in straight black, 4 point harness
    Lights: LED grommet mount rear lights, grommet mount eald beam front lights (only thing that would fit again!)
    Winches: Shortened 9000lb front. No rear winch

    CR_Rhett_Suzuki_20_manar_117-w CR_Rhett_Suzuki_squeeze-w


    Steering: A 8” single ended ram up front and a 6” single ended in the rear. The orbital valve is Trail Gear and the rear is controlled with a manual hydro valve.
    Front Suspension: A frame front steel A frame, 6000 series lower links.
    Front Differential: Hilux diff with ARB air locker.
    Front Sway Bar: none
    Front Shocks: 18″ Fox air shocks
    Front Bump Stops: none
    Front Axel Housing: Hilux
    Front Differential Cover: Home made 6mm mild steel
    Rear Suspension: Single triangulated 4 link with steel uppers, 6000 series lowers.
    Rear Sway Bar: none
    Rear Shocks : 18″ Fox air shocks
    Rear Bump Stops: none
    Rear Axel Housing: Hilux
    Rear Differential Cover: 6mm protection strip over the crown wheel
    Rear Axel Shafts: Trail-Gear dirty 30’s
    Rear Brakes: Hilux disks

    CS_Rhett_Suzuki_22_IMG_2044-w CS_Rhett_Suzuki_23_IMG_2050-w

    Wheels and Tyres

    Tyres: 37x 13.5 Maxis Trepador stickys
    Rims: Home made rim. Or if they turn up in time Alloy bead locks from Allied Wheels

    King_of_Rim_R2_2010_PreCreek_0121-w Tuff Truck Challenge 2010

    5 Minuets with Rhett Bryant

    Q: What is the favourite thing about your truck?
    A: That’s a hard choice between either the nitrous or the rear steer.

    Q: How did you get into 4 wheel driving?
    A: Don’t really know. It’s just what I have always been into. I’ve never really played in any other motor sports.

    Q: Can you share some of your best build up experiences?

    A: I’ve had too many good times building both my and my mates trucks to single out just one experience.

    Q: What about some of your worst build up experiences?
    A: 10 stitches and a cut artery while mounting up a recovery point.

    Q: What is your best four wheel driving moment?
    A: Every time I sit in my rig is a great moment. Recently I have been the first to climb some stupidly big rocks, they would have to be up there with my best moments.

    Q: What is the one tool you wouldn’t leave home without?
    A: My 4” grinder. I built most of my tuck with it.

    Q: Do you have any future plans for your truck?
    A: I’m going to fit Trail Gear 6 shooter knuckles, pump and a double ended ram to the front steering. I’m upgrading the lower link joints to 7/8 ends and if I don’t have them yet, fit my alloy Allied beadlocks.

    Tuff Truck Challenge 2010


    Story Krystal Harden

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    King of the Rim Photo Gallery – Round 2 2010 

    Toyota HiLux at King of the Rim

    Congratulations to the Snake Racing Teams for placing 1st in the buggy class and 3rd in the extreme modified 4WD class at Round 2 of King of the Rim.


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    The Logan Challenge Photo Gallery – 2010 

    4x4 at the Logan challenge covered in mud


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    The Logan Challenge – October 2010 

    Krystal and Tuff Truck Tuff Turtle

    A wet and muddy mess, the Logan Challenge is a fun, family friendly event. Well worth the inter-state trip!

    There isn’t many reasons that would make me get up and out of bed at 3.30 am. I’m the sort of girl that would probably even consider hitting the snooze button while the house was on fire.  Lucky for me the house wasn’t on fire. In fact Brisbane and the rest of South East Queensland were experiencing torrential down pour and were such mostly flooded. Never the less the rugged 4WD enthusiast deep inside me prevailed and by 4am my co-driver, Ben Henry and I were on the road and headed towards Janowen Hills 4WD park.

    Earlier this year the Suspension Stuff Logan Challenge was cancelled due to rain. With the new date scheduled in, Ben had asked me to navigate for him in his MQ Patrol fondly named Tuff Turtle. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity and organized a special trip to QLD, to do just this.

    Nissan GU beast at Logan Challenge 4WD event

    We arrived at Janowen Hills 4WD Park just in time for the drivers briefing. After a quick introduction to the rest of the members of Team Pansys 2.0, we headed to our first course. Stage 6. Little did we know that as we rolled out of the campsite it was the beginning of the end for our team.

    The team was made up of 3 vehicles. Micky D and Grant Walker in a neat, tricked out GU Patrol ute. Experienced winch challenge competitors Micky and Grant brought an in depth mechanical knowledge, equipment and professionalism to the team.

    Jason Bond GQ Shorty Patrol at Logan Challenge 4WD Event Jason Bond being navigated by his brother Matthew Bond brought a GQ Shorty Patrol that looked like it has seen some better days. This truck is the 4WD equivalent to a rat rod without the horsepower. Jason and Matt are the calm and collected type of competitors that seem to compete best by having fun.

    Finally Ben and myself competed in Ben’s MQ Patrol. Ben’s Tuff Truck competition experience should have been an advantage over the other teams. However mud and a heavy car… changes everything.

    If you haven’t picked up on it by now, the weather was less than desirable. The main access tracks used to get to and from courses was a challenge in its self. The mud was so thick and slushy that everyone was joking about receiving bonus points for just making it to the starting gates.

    For Ben and Jason’s trucks the mud eventually overcome them. We began stage 6 (our first stage) full throttle. The first obstacle, a slippery and steep hill climb. Ben’s truck was the first to go. Loosing drive to the front drivers side wheel. Moments later Jason broke a CV. Unable to continue Mickey D completed the course and we headed back to camp for repairs.

    Jason’s CV replaced and Ben unable to remove the hub from the vehicle we decided to continue competing in 2WD. We completed two more courses. A sprint paced funkana course and non-4WD stage where the navigator leaned across and steered the car as the driver applied the throttle. Finally the front end seized up and we were out. GQ Steering Box

    Jason and Mickey D continued on to complete only one more course. A short rally track style race through a narrow valley. Mickey D triumphed the course with no hold ups. Metres before the finish line Jason’s truck lost steer. Mickey and Grant’s Winch challenge experience had the shorty GQ recovered up the edge of the valley in moments. Closer inspection on flat ground reveled the power steering box had split in two!

    An unusual breakage which had the team performing a 6 hour marathon removal and replacement that felt more like performing heart surgery than a mechanical install.  Two broken vehicles, icy breezes, constant rain, thick mud and feeling freezing cold had the team heading for the comforts of home by the evening. By the end of the first day the Pansys 2.0 and many other teams pulled out and headed back to the city.

    The event was hosted by the Logan District 4WD Club and it was evident they had taken the time to put on a fun and professional challenge for the entrants. The courses were interesting and challenging whilst catering for all levels of driving ability.  Club members were friendly, hospitable and clearly love their sport. It was a real pleasure to be invited to attend the event and I’m already looking forward to next years. Even with the rain, Good Show Logan District 4WD Club.


    Place Team Name Points Stages Completed
    1 Exedy Safari Tuff Clutch 2195 24/25
    2 Logan Districts 4WD Club 2100 21/25
    3 Blue Dog 1753 21/25
    4 Deaf Dust Devils 1554 22/25
    5 British Off Road 1527 21/25
    6 Bohica 1519 21/25
    7 CMS Racing 1299 15/25
    8 Diabolic Racing 1220 17/25
    9 Bitza Racing 1217 15/25
    10 Trek Quest 1170 14/25
    11 Mortern Districts 1052 14/25
    12 Pansies 2.0 306 5/25

    GU Patrol Winch Challenge Truck at Logan Challenge

    Toyota Landcruiser at Logan Challenge 4WD event

    Tuff Truck Tuff Turtle before starting the Logan Challenge 4WD event

    View the Logan Challenge 2010 Photo Gallery by clicking here!

    Story by Krystal Harden

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    4×4 Masters Photo Gallery – Round 4 2010 

    Polaris RZRs and Snake Racing winners cheque at 4x4 Masters

    Snake Racing is a proud sponsor of the 2010 Australian 4×4 Masters Series!

    4×4 Masters is held on a custom built 4WD track at Eastern Creek International Raceway in Sydney. Here is some shots from Round 4!


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    Australian 4×4 Masters Series – Round 4 2010 

    by Krystal Harden

    Krystal from Snake Racing and Phil hold the 4x4 Masters winners cheque in front of Polaris RZRs

    Snake Racing is proud to support Australian motorsport and the new Australian 4×4 Masters Series by donating CASH Prize Money to the top placing teams!

    Nine eager clubs lined pit lane at a crisp 6am for scrutineering at the Australian 4×4 Masters Series. Ready to rock crawl, Round 4 was serious business with Snake Racing offering $800 cash prize money to the top placing team.  With little repairs to be made the teams were busy finalising checks and having their vehicles stickered by the Snake team.

    6 freshly re-constructed courses kept the competition guessing as each turn, dip and rise was a new challenge for drivers. Wheels rolling at 9am teams flew to their starting gates and engaged low range in their quest for club bragging rights and cash prize money.

    Snake Racing Toyota HiLux on track at 4x4 Masters Series, Eastern Creek International Raceway

    The day’s top performers produced clean, controlled drives. Conquering the courses like they were flat terrain it came down to the very last course, Telegraph Road, to separate the podium placers. Adding a few extra revs to overcome the final obstacle, John Robertson and Shaun Clancy from the Toyota Landcruiser Club drove to victory. Becoming the Round 4 1st place winners and taking home the $800 Snake Racing cash prize money.

    Second place was achieved by a very bubbly Paul Pisani and Mark Bonello of the Suzuki 4WD Club. Winning $500 in prize money the hardest part of accepting their win was organizing who to make the payment to!

    The final place on the rock crawling podium was driven to by Denny Danis and Chales Anastasio of the Bong Bong Club. In their colorful comp trucks, their racing experience won them the $300, 3rd place prize money.

    4x4 Masters Series at Eastern Creek International RacewayRound 4 of the Masters was great day for competitors regardless of their placing. Each team is improving their driving skill on this terrain and having a ball. With only 12 points separating first and second position competition is tight! And these drivers know that anything can happen and change the score board completely!  With more Spectator prize give aways, amazing moto-aerobatics from the Australian Trials Bikes and more Snake Racing sponsored cash prize money up for grabs, the October 24th Finals is set to be another hot ticket on the NSW club competition calendar.

    Congratulations to all competitors, clubs, officials and volenteers that participated in Round 4. We look forward to seeing you at the Finals!


    Position Club Points
    1 TLCC 545
    2 Suzuki 533
    3 Bong Bong 507
    4 On all 4s 497
    5 OffRoad 455
    6 Suzuki 2 447
    7 BBM 438
    8 Blue Mountains 435
    9 Nepean 403

    Bent up and Broken!

    Rock Crawling can put your vehicle in some serious angles and requires a high level skill to know how far you can put your truck. Add on the pressure of competition and can end up on the wrong side of the track. Here is the damage report for each of the 4WD clubs that competed in this round!

    Off Road Club

    Dihatsu Rocky ges Air on track at Australian 4x4 Masters Series, Eastern Creek International RacewayGlenn in his Toyota HiLux rolled at 4x4 Masters Series, Eastern Creek International Raceway

    Glen Buttigieg from Off Road Club misjudged his approach angles on the Rock It course (1) and rolled his hilux onto the passenger’s side.  Suffering some nasty panel damage to the passengers front guard Glen’s hilux was recovered and sent back to the pits to prepare for the next course.

    James Segerstrom couldn’t control his right foot and tipped his red Rocky to the side whilst taking on the log obstacles of Telegraph Road course. Only panel damage this time but James, it’s called Crawling for a reason.

    BBM Club

    Michael Chote's Toyota Landcruiser on track at 4x4 Masters SeriesTony Woods HJ 45 on side at Australian 4x4 Masters, Eastern Creek International Raceway

    Michael Chote suffered a tyre roll off the rim by turning too sharply on course 1. A quick recovery and re-seating the wheel and rim, Michael’s Tuf 45 series cruiser was ready to keep playing.

    Tony Woods fell victum to the holes on the Telegraph Road course.  Forcing the HJ 45 Ute to rest a while until it was recovered. Luckily Tony got away with only minor cosmetic damage.

    Nepean Club

    Paul Harris Toyota Bundera on track at Snake Racing sponsored 4x4 Masters Series R4It was a rough day for Paul Harris in the big bad Bundera.  Pre-weakened by competition and Tuff Truck style pit repairs, the bundys front lower control arms couldn’t cope with the course stress. Staring at the Rock It course finish line the bundera suffered badly bent control arms, limiting the upwards travel and rolling the axel.  Not to worry, since the event Paul Harris has installed new arms and is ready to hit the courses once again.

    Suzuki 4WD Club

    Tylor Veller and Suzuki Sierra in pits at Snake Racing sponsored 4x4 Masters Series

    Tylor Veller’s driving is constantly improving. As the youngest competitor the Suzukie 4WD Club has some of the best 4WD competition mentors in the Australian racing scene. Tylor’s blue shorty Sierra suffered some damage on the Rock it and Concrete Jungle courses. A bent a steering arm, snapped shock mounts and a damaged his exhaust has only encouraged him to practice his throttle control.

    Jerome Beetson’s competition experience and patients saved his Sierra Ute from any damage.

    On All Fours Club

    Snowy's Toyota Landcruiser 40 Series rolled at 4x4 Masters Series, Eastern Creek International RacewaySnowy Girling and Paul Monssieur had a clean competition run for Round 4. Snowy’s purple 40 Series ute recieved some minor cosmetic damage as a result of a lay down on the logged on course. A quick self recovery with assistance from Paul saw the team cross the finish line and achieve 75 points.

    Blue Mountains Club Michael's Nissan GQ Wagon in the 4x4 Masters pits

    Michael Weinert suffered the most damage this round. Not only exhausting his power steering pump on the Logged On course Michael also survived a serious roll over on the Telegraph Road course. His Nissan, GQ Wagon rolled down hill after being forced into an awkward angle that he could not recover from. The final damage was skewed roof, broken windscreen and lots of panel damage.

    Toyota Landcruiser Club in HiLux on track at Australian 4x4 Masters SeriesToyota Landcruiser Club

    Both John Robertson and Shaun Clancy nicked a large stump on the Gone Loopy course resulting in minor cosmetic damage to each Hilux.

    Bong Bong Club Bong Bong Club on track at 4x4 Masters Series sponsored by Snake Racing

    No Damage!! 🙂

    For more pictures check out the Australian 4×4 Masters Photo Gallery by clicking here!

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    King of the Rim Photo Gallery – Round 1, 2010 

    Snake Racing buggy

    King of the Rim, Scenic Rim Adventure Park Beaudesert


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    King of the Rim, Round 1 – Scenic Rim Adventure Park 

    Snake Racing at Kind of the Rim 4WD Competition

    What is more enticing to an off road racer than the promise of an epic rock crawling competition? A competition that not just encourages high speed but makes it mandatory!

    The new ‘King of the Rim’ endurance race had the Snake Racing team’s full attention with only three little words “fastest lap wins”.

    This was Wednesday the 14th of July 2010. With only 2 days until the event and the Snake Racing Team eager to put the new concept buggy through its paces, they set to work. Late Thursday night Adam was race ready with a new CJ jeep inspired bonnet, fresh stickers and shiny new wheels and tyres.

    So who is Adam you ask? Adam is the new prototype race bread rock crawling buggy built by Snake Racing.  The first in what will be a long line of fully customizable, hand built, off road racing weapons.  Designed to fly at over 100km/s an hour on the open tracks and climb like Spiderman up steep escarpments and near- vertical ledges.

    Snake Racing buggy and Krystal at King of the RimEarly Friday morning Adam and the Snake Racing Team started the 12 hour drive from Sydney to sunny Queensland for ‘The King of the Rim!’

    Hosted in the idyllic setting of Scenic Rim Adventure Park in Beaudesert, round one of King of The Rim had competitors energized to compete in a new concept competition.  13 teams spread over two classes arrived to qualify for the series finals held in November.  The competition attracted some of Queensland’s best and most well known teams including Rhett Bryant in his black 89 Sierra, Rock Rash Racing, The Mog and Advanti Racing.

    Saturday morning and Scenic Rim Adventure Park was buzzing with activity. Traders Alley had mini jeep rides, balloon animals and fairy floss for the kids, SES steak burgers, Maxxis tyres and show specials from the Offroad Cartel crew.

    Snake Racing buggy in Traders Alley at King of the Rim 4WD Competition

    In the pits teams were busily making last minute preparations to their vehicles. With just enough time for a few photos and to hand out some Snake Racing stickers, the big question I had for drivers was “how have you prepared for the high speed portion of the courses?” The park is overloaded with steep hills, deep creeks and rock terrain, you can’t be expected to navigate challenging obstacles AND go fast?! Many teams decided to ‘just see how it goes’. They wanted to ‘play now…fix later.’

    Teams competed against each other on four challenging courses. Each lap was a test of endurance and expected to take an hour and a half. The experienced rock crawling competitors were pushed to their physical limits when course times exceeded 2 hours. Dehydration and driver fatigue became an unfore

    seen challenge as the day’s events continued.

    King of the Rim 4WD Race on large boulders at Scenic Rim Adventure Park The tracks are punishing.  Kilometer long steep hill climbs, 4 klm long sections of crazy boulder laden creek beds, hair pin turns and near vertical ledges into deep holes that easily swallow vehicles like submarines into deep oceans. Competitors passed one another as they raced along the track at the same time.

    Acknowledging the tracks difficulty all competitors agreed ‘the tracks are awesome!’ ‘Unbelievably challenging angles and ledges of hard natural rock allowing for awesome traction,’ ‘fantastic to drive!’

    Rhett Bryant's Suzuki Sierra Tuff Truck descends a cliff at King of the Rim, Scenic Rim Adventure ParkThe most grueling course nicknamed The Long Course had drivers competing for up to three hours. As the name suggests, this course was long! Rhett Bryant used more than twenty liters of fuel in his 1.3l, 4cyl Suzuki Sierra! The fastest time was a blazing 48 minutes by team Snake Racing. An amazing time when compared to the next fastest competitor was trailing by an hour!

    Saturday afternoon approached quickly and teams were succumbing to the intensity of endurance driving. Only three buggies remained in the buggy/truggy class for the final event. A night race along the entire length of Cal’s Creek and up Crampy’s Climb. Team Roll Over, Rhett Bryant and Snake Racing.

    Team Roll Over on tyres at King of the Rim, Scenic Rim Adventure ParkTeam Roll Over unable to drive Crampy’s Climb left Rhett and Snake Racing in a one on one competition to attack the final near vertical rock climb. Prior to the competition only 2 other vehicles have driven up the daunting ledge. With comments like ‘is he even trying’ and ‘he makes it look so easy’ from the crowd, the Snake Racing buggy tore up the climb like it was flat bitumen.

    At the end of the evening, after the scores were tallied Team Snake Racing and Adam the Snake Racing Buggy had proven they were the fastest rock crawler in Oz and crowned the round one King of the Rim!

    As gracious second place winner Rhett Bryant said “the Snake buggy took it out with ease, they had an hour lead after the first track!‘ ‘I wouldn’t say I was fast at anything but I finished them. But the Snake Racing Team were both fast and clean. Congratulations!”

    Damage Report:

    The team breakages reflects how challenging this endurance race is!

    Team Advanti
    Driver Mitchell Thorpe and navigator Brett Thorpe broke 2 front CV’s and without replacement parts were knocked out of the competition before lunch time.Team Advanti on rocks at King of the Rim 4WD Competition at Scenic Rim Adventure Park

    The MOG at King of the Rim 4WD competition, Scenic Rim Adventure Park in BeaudesertBroken MOG after roll over on track at King of the Rim 4WD competition, Scenic Rim Adventure Park Team Mog

    Driver Geoff Thompson and navigator Owen Griffis suffered a major end over end roll in the hills on the track traversing behind the competitors campsite . Geoff’s only savior was the rear left wheel becoming warped around a tree. Shaken but strong, Geoff’s unimog was recovered and towed back to camp by Brett Longs tuff truck. Geoff was “very impressed with his roll cage and 3” race harness” and recommends other teams to invest in quality safety equipment.

    Rock Rash Racing roll over at King of the Rim Round one 2010, Scenic Rim Adventure Park 4WD CompetitionRock Rash Racing Broken flex on track at King of the Rim 4WD competition, Scenic Rim Adventure Park

    Rock Rash Racing
    Driver David Camp and navigator Rick ‘custard arms’ Nowlan chose a bad line and endoed in a new section of the creek. They ripped some of the tube out of the chassis, broke a few welds and suffered body damage. Leaving the rig too bent and broken for the night event.

    Team 2 Evil Suzuki show broken rear axel at King of the Rim, Scenic Rim Adventure ParkTeam Two Evil

    Driver Michael Sweeney and Sonya Steggink in their Sierra broke the front diff center resulting in no front drive. Sonya quietly thinking to herself at this time “Oh well, we can limp home on the rear” when  they broke rear axle!  After a couple of hours of attempting to winch through the creek and a full collapse of the rear axel Sonya and Michael walked the track to retrieve parts. With the new parts fitted in the field team Evil drove out.

    Course Descriptions

    Main Track for Buggy/Truggy Class
    An 20km long track of steep climbs and high speed sprints directing drivers towards a rugged creek bed and mining tyre maze before finishing. The 3km long creek bed is littered with drop offs bigger than all competitors wheel base and enormous rocks, larger than most small cars, for drivers to navigate through.  Built for only the most capable trucks in OZ, the chicken gate is not an option as once you start there is no going back.

    Main Track for Extreme/Winch Class
    The extreme/winch class trucks have a longer 13km track covering the extreme tracks of the Scenic Rim Adventure Park. Although the hill climbs and rock obstacles will challenge teams, this course is not designed to be winched. The drivers face their biggest challenge in the renowned, massive drop off that is Cal’s Creek crossing.

    Short Speed Track
    A fast 7-8 minuet hot lap of flat and rocky hill climbs where drivers start and finish in the same spot.

    Cal’s Creek Night Stage
    One of the Parks signature tracks this stage traverses upwards through a gully of large rock steps into the infamous Crampies Climb. A near vertical, sheer rock ledge with a large hole hidden at the top. This climb will unleash the dare devil within.

    For more pictures and video check out our King of the Rim Gallery and Snake Racing YouTube Channel!!

    Story by Krystal Harden

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