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    Snakes ring out warning for Dondingalong off-road race meeting 


    WHILE an encounter with a serpent is normally something to avoid at all costs, everyone is looking forward to seeing how a couple of ‘snakes’ perform at Dongingalong this weekend.

    Luckily for the other off-road racers competing in Round 6 of the NSW Series, the ‘snakes’ in question are not of the wildlife variety, rather two machines entered by ‘Snake Racing’, a Sydney-based manufacturer and distributor of 4X4 parts and accessories.

    What makes the ‘Snake Racing’ team so different is the fact they compete in the Utility Terrain Vehicle class, using a couple of Polaris vehicles.

    Since debuting earlier this year, the team has opened plenty of eyes with the stunning performance of their short-wheelbase machines that are powered by 900cc engines.

    “Make no mistake, the guys from ‘Snake Racing’ are heading to Dondingalong this weekend intent on putting on quite a show” said Kempsey Macleay Off Road Club media officer Rod Thurgood.

    “These diminutive vehicles are super-fast, and could easily pose a big threat for outright honours at Dondingalong.

    “We have already seen Polaris Buggies finish third outright in the last two Wittitrin 300s, so it would certainly be a brave individual who would bet against something similar happening again this Saturday and Sunday.”

    The Dondingalong Off Road Challenge has attracted a strong field, with everything from powerful single seat buggies, to high flying pickup trucks, and the extremely popular utility terrain vehicles.

    For the latest news on the race visit the Kempsey Macleay Off Road Club website at kempseyoffroadracing.net

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    Sunny Corner Rally – Bathurst 21/04/12 

    The Sunny Corner rally was held on 21/04/12 near Bathurst approx 2.5 hours from Sydney.
    With a unregistered vehicle permit in hand and pre scrutineering done prior to the event we travelled up late Friday to camp over night.
    The AMSAG run event is 3 stages repeated for a total of 6 stages with over 111kms of competitive klm to keep you busy for the day.
    From an early hour The Rally Head quarters in the old forestry camp filled up quickly with the 51 strong entries.
    After a quick check in and sign on and a  competitor briefing it was straight in to it. This type of rally is a blind rally, this means no pre run you just follow the directions (tulips ) in your road book.
    Starting from the back of the field it was clear the Snake XP900’s could be competitive in this forest rally after catching and overtaking two cars in the first stage.
    The tight twisty and rough sections were perfect for the Snake Racing XP900 it was in the long fast straights that we were struggling to get the top speeds that the cars were achieving.
    After an action packed day of drifting in the dirt thru the forest tracks 39 of the 51 competitors finished.
    We were still happy with a solid first in class and ninth overall for our first AMSAG event and hope to compete at many more events in the future.
    Thanks to Peter Batt the event director and all the volunteers for a great event.
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    Grant Denyer on dirt with Snake Racing 

    Grant Denyer Teams up with Snake Racing at the Condo 750.
    Well known weather man and dare devil Grant Denyer will take on the
    Condo 750 with Dale Moscott as his Navi in Condobolin this comming weekend.
    The off road event boasts many challenges for Off road buggys, quads
    and bikes over the 3 days of April 6,7 and 8th in Condobolin NSW.
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    2012 Australian Side By Side Rally Championship Quit Forest Rally Result 

    Snake Racing takes a 3rd place in the second round of the Australian Side by Side Championship Quit Forest Rally in WA.
    The Quit Forest Rally is always a spectator and competitor favourite, based
    in WA’s No.1 holiday destination, Busselton and the picturesque inland town of Nannup.
    Driver Nathan Chivers teamed with his dad Les for there second time
    this season in the Snake Racing XP900 Side x Side. Dusty long tracks challenged the team with the air cleaners needing constant attention to maintain engine RPM.
    A completely different type of  thought was needed compared to the mud or rain they experienced in round 1 held in Victoria only weeks prior.
    Keeping a cool head and not taking too many chances kept us up the front of the pack and out of the dust said Nathan Chivers.
    The car ran great, with Dad on pace notes and the other competitors all keen to be at the finish line first made the event even more of a blast.

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    Tough Dog Toperi Challenge 2011 Photo Gallery 

    Canobolas 4x4 Toperi Challenge in Orange NSW logo

    Tough Dog Toperi Challenge Photo Gallery

    After a week of solid rain prior to the event it was clear skies and sunshine for spectators and competitors at the 2011 Tough Dog Toperi Challenge.  Whilst the tracks stayed slippery all teams had a great weekend! Here is some track action from the event 😉


    Interested in competing next year? Great! Contact the Canobolas 4WD Club to find out more by clicking here!

    Article by Krystal Harden

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    Christmas Gift Ideas 2011 

    Christmas Gift Ideas Krystal Harden from Snake Racing on Polaris XP in Santa Costume

    “Wholly Santa! It’s Christmas Time!!”

    Looking for Christmas Gifts?

    The Snake has gotten into the Egg Nog early this year and he’s full of Christmas Cheer!! So, take advantage of the silly season price slashing and fill your stocking with Snake Racing gear!! Krystal from Snake Racing has some great Christmas gift ideas to help you decide.

    Now check out the Christmas 2011 savings by clicking here! We’ve got savings to suit all budgets so every one can be Ho-Ho-Happy this festive season!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Snake Racing Team!! 🙂

    Article by Krystal Harden

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    Snake Racing NSW Khanacross Round 6 – UTV Gallery 

    Krystal Harden and Nathan Chivers of Snake Racing Team with Polaris UTV at Khanacross off road racing

    Congratulations UTV racers for a great weekend at Awabawac Park!

    Check out the latest photos from the Snake Racing NSW Khanacross Round 6! The heat is on as the Polaris XP 900 drivers reach new speeds and challenge all classes for the outright winning places. Keep watching this space as more photos and videos are published! 😉


    All production 4WD UTV brands are invited to compete in G Class. Club and State Khanacross events sanctioned by CAMS are regularly held across NSW. If your keen to see how your UTV will go and have some old fashioned family fun, find out more by contacting us at  utv@snakeracing.com.au

    Article by Krystal Harden

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    UTV and Polaris Come & Try Khanacross a Success! 

    Polaris RZR S, RZR and XP at Snake Racing Come Try Twilight Khanacross

    G Class gets racing as UTV owners take on the Twilight Tracks!

    UTV owners from across NSW took up the invite to rally as part of the Snake Racing UTV Come & Try Day and Westlakes Twilight Khanacross on September 3rd. 10 eager G Class drivers competed in Polaris RZR, RZR S and the new, higher horse-power XP model vehicles.

    CAMS UTV G Class Polaris RZR and XP 900 pre run in khanacross rally racing

    To ensure our new G Class entrants received the full Khanacross racing experience drivers arrived early for pre-event sign on, scrutineering and briefing. With the official business completed, the UTV’s hit the dirt for an on track introduction guided by club secretary Ben Sample. This allowed new drivers to get a feel for their vehicle handling, corners and how to navigate the course.

    The main event, the Twilight Multi-Club Khanacross kicked off as per usual race meeting proceedings at 2pm. Ready to race and excited by the extra challenge of night tests, 56 drivers of all classes pushed their rev limiters around 3 twisted tracks. Competing in one direction in daylight and reversed for the evening. Twilight tracks are only illuminated by lighting from vehicles so it’s worth paying attention to track directions on the pre-run!

    The thrill of driving in darkness gives drivers an extra hit of adrenalin as the tracks seem faster and the disappearing corners tighter. The grunter Polaris XP models roared around the tracks noticeably faster than their light weight siblings the RZR and RZR S models.

    Polaris XP 900 racing in CAMS G Class at Westlakes Automobile Club Khanacross  Our new drivers picked up the track feel quickly with Iain Huges in a Polaris XP scoring overall first place for the day. The next closest overall winner Jason Spruce in a Gemini trailed the Polaris XP by 10 seconds. When micro-seconds can separate winners this large gap proves the potential of the Polaris XP as a true contender for winning the khanacross series in the comming years.

    Other notable drives came from Nathan Chivers and Len Pipiciello who also placed in the overall top ten. A special mention for Ashleigh Pipicello who has never rallyed before showed she is only a few practice days away from mastering her Polairs XP. At the end of the day Ashleigh said she “loves the Khanacross events and can’t wait until the next one!”

    If excitement and adrenaline could be measured it would have been obvious by the wide smiles and camaraderie amongst the teams. Enquires about the next event and encouraging more track days, it’s safe to say all our newbies have got the UTV racing bug!

    G Class Results

    G Class Results
    Driver Total O/R Class
    Iain Huges 386.33 1 1
    Nathan Chivers 401.96 6 2
    Len Pipiciello 402.35 7 3
    Michael Smith 415.50 11 4
    Ryan Flanagan 426.75 23 5
    Mogews Madsen 435.02 32 6
    Trent Dawson 457.15 37 7
    Krystal Harden 471.10 44 8
    Les Chivers 476.94 43 9
    Ashleigh Pipicello 583.66 54 10

    Click through to our UTV Racing photo and video gallery!

    All production 4WD UTV brands are invited to compete in G Class. Club and State Khanacross events sanctioned by CAMS are regularly held across NSW. If your keen to see how your UTV will go and have some old fashioned family fun, find out more by contacting us at  utv@snakeracing.com.au

    Krystal Harden in Snake Racing Polaris RZR S and XP at Westlakes Khanacross

    Article by Krystal Harden

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    UTV and Polaris Come & Try Khanacross Gallery 

    Snake Racing RZR in line of Polaris UTV racing at Awabawac Park Twilight Khanacross

    G Class grows as UTV owners hit the track!

    UTV owners from across NSW took up the invite to rally in the Westlakes Twilight Khanacross on September 3rd. Check out some of the days photos below!

    All production 4WD UTV brands are invited and will compete in G Class. Club and State Khanacross events sanctioned by CAMS are regularly held across NSW. If your keen to see how your UTV will go and have some old fashioned family fun, find out more by contacting us at  utv@snakeracing.com.au


    So you like our light bars hey?? Find out more about the Rigid Industries E Series and SR Series LED light bars that were used in the night events by clicking here!

    Article by Krystal Harden

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    4WD & Adventure Show 2011 Sydney 

    Krystal Harden from Snake Racing at 4WD Adventure Show Sydney LED light display

    4WD Extreme Show, LED Light Bars…. It’s 4WD Adventure HEAVEN!!

    Not just another camping and touring show, The 4WD & Adventure Show is off road heaven for the 4×4 and outdoors lifestyle fans. Showcasing everything from vehicle modifications to camping equipment and even a fishing demonstration there wasn’t much you couldn’t find at Sydney Dragway this weekend (August 26, 27, 28th). Snake Racing proudly sponsored the 4WD Extreme Skills Show and displayed the new range of Rigid Industries LED light bars.

    Snake Racing & Krystal Harden in Polaris RZR at 4WD & Adventure Show Sydney

    What was on offer?

    Over three days, 125 4×4 exhibitors, car clubs and services met over 30,000 Sydney and regional NSW adventure fans to discuss everything off road. Patrons could wander through the isles, learning about vehicle modifications, gear up with some specially priced camping equipment or find out about 4WD club life. After viewing all of the stalls and joining your local 4WD club for the next camping trip or social drive, one of the most popular attractions was the 4WD Test Track. A 4×4 track designed to give Sydney-siders a taste for real world off roading, the Test Track combined dirt, rock and water crossings with steep hill climbs and descents. Guided tours allowed riders to ask questions and get valuable advice for when they hit the dirt track.

    Snake Racing and Nissan Patrol Club at 4WD Show

    Major highlights of the show included the many live presentations. Feel like something different whilst out on the track. No worries, Jo Clews cooked up a storm with her camp oven cooking demonstration. Want to catch a big one? Bushy and Hodgie were spilling all the secrets to fish-whispering in hourly live shows and demonstrations. Want a real adrenalin rush? The Snake Racing 4×4 Arena was the place to be. 25 minuets of heart pumping 4WD Extreme motor sport action 3 times daily had both kids and adults wide eyed with amazement.

    4WD Extreme Show in the Snake Racing Extreme Skills Arena

    Krystal Harden from Snake Racing teamed up with the Kamikazi 4WD Club to bring off road motor sport and extreme skills to and enthouastic Sydney audience. Shows held daily at 11, 1 and 3pm attracted large crowds to share some valuable recovery and extreme 4×4 driving knowledge. Kicking off with a vehicle recovery display and a few prizes the show informed viewers about extreme vehicle modifications, off road motor sport events and how to get involved through your local club. Presented over a back drop of roaring V8’s, fully flexed suspension and climbing giant tyres, the 4WD Extreme Show, showed there is a whole lot more you can do with your 4×4!

    Kamikazi 4x4 Club at Extreme Skills 4WD Show

    Saw the Rigid Industries LED Light Bar display and want to know more? Click Here!

    Check out the photos and videos from the weekend by clicking here!

    Want to join a 4WD Club? Find you local 4WD Club by clicking here!

    Article by Krystal Harden

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