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    So what exactly is this new Hyperspot and how does it fit into the Rigid Industries product offering?

    E2 and SR2 Combo Lights: Utilizing our newest optics, combined with our widest give an incredible evolution of the linear light bar. Using multiple optics technology in the same light gives the ultimate in projected light. You get wider and narrower light all in the same unit. As you can see in the diagram to the right, there are multiple beam sets that works perfectly together for seamless light exactly where you need it.

    The 45 degree portion is from Spector driving optics. These are the same patented optics that are used in the ultra-popular D2 Driving lights. Providing a 45 degree wide and 15 degree tall driving beam, you get all the width desired without wasting spill light where you don’t need or want it with large single reflectors.

    The narrow beam is almost all from the Hyperspot® portion of the light. The Hyperspot® is Rigid’s newest and most intense narrow beam optic. With a 5 degree full width beam 85%+ efficient optic, the distance is almost hard to describe. For instance a 30” E2 Combo using both Hyperspot® and Spector® optics has essentially a pair of D2’s on each end of the light for great width, but then projects measurable lux over 1.6km.  The E2/SR2 combo’s are the ultimate in versatility, more width and distance all in the same size light! We do offer only Hyperspot® up to 20” E2 and SR2, but any dedicated Hyperspot® should be used in conjunction with other lights. As a standalone light the Hyperspot can be too narrow and too intense. When combined as a bit of extra distance with other Rigid lights, it is the ultimate in distance just don’t underestimate the intensity!


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    Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 Off Road Race 


    Ensenada, Baja California

    Thick fog, rain, pitch black darkness and choking dust was no match for Rigid Industries LED equipped racers at the 46th annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 off-road race. The Baja 1000 is the granddaddy of desert racing. The course was an 883-mile loop, that climbed and descended rocky mountain passes, plowed through bottomless silt beds and touched both coasts of the Baja Peninsula. It was said to be one of the toughest most technical ever. Rigid Industries racers did more than survive, they thrived in the challenging conditions.

    At the top of the list was overall winner BJ Baldwin. BJ won both the race and the SCORE Trophy Truck championship for the second year in a row. His win was accomplished driving the entire distance ironman style with no relief driver. His Rigid Industries lighting set-up consisting of a combination of D2 drives, 54″radius combos and a 54″ radius spot and 40” Hyperspot allowed him to fly through the silt beds and leave the rest of the Trophy Truck field in the dust. Late race charges by his rivals couldn’t keep up at night and failed to have any effect. At the mere sight of them in the rear view mirror he put his truck on the chip and checked out, leaving them in the darkness. BJ was one of the first racers to embrace LED lighting and Rigid Industries has helped him to achieve several of his 7 Championships. This includes winning the last 2 Baja 1000 races with only Rigid Industries LED lighting.

    Rigid Industries class 1 racer Damen Jeffries took a highly contested victory finishing just seven seconds ahead of second place. His Rigid Industries lighting helped to guide him to the finish through darkness and rain. “It was raining coming back into town; we lost the intercom and didn’t have any GPS,” says Damen, “It was nerve wracking coming back into town because there are a lot of spectators. It’s not easy to push hard and still be smart coming home.” Without GPS, Damen was able to hold off a hard charging second place competitor with the aid of his Rigid Industries LED lighting.

    Outstanding victories were also accomplished by Rigid Industries racers Kevin Carr in his class 5 Unlimited Baja Bug and Dan Chamlee who persevered through incredible hardships to take the class 7 victory. Carr, who has multiple Baja victories and class 5 points championships, was short and sweet at the finish line. “The course was rough and the silt beds were terrible.”  He has seen countless miles on the Baja peninsula, much more than others after the sun has gone down thanks to his Rigid Industries lighting. For Chamlee, it was a difficult race but he earned the victory. “When we were moving we were putting down some good time and having a lot of fun. Unfortunately we weren’t always moving. I flipped the truck on its lid, broke the transmission. Most of the race I ran with no clutch and had to speed shift because it was packed with silt and wouldn’t disengage. We would blow it out and then we would hit another silt bed. My truck is thrashed.”

    The toughest conditions are no match for the superior lighting performance Rigid Industries provides. When you demand the best in optical technology and rugged durability there is nothing that compares to Rigid Industries LED lighting.


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    Rigid Industries SR-Q2 driving- fitted to Hyundai SantaFe 

    SR-Q2s in the drive pattern are a great solution for a driving light on your 4×4 or car. Only 1.5″ high and 5″ wide they pack 3030 lumens. Very discrete as well.


    Narrow Pattern
    50,000+ Hour Lifesplan
    GORE Pressure Equalizing Vent
    Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lens
    6063 Aluminum Housing
    Durable UV 3800 Polyester Powder-coat                                                                            
    Sealed Deutsch Connector
    9-36 VDC
    Plug & Play Wiring Harness w/ Switch
    50,000+ Hour Lifespan
    Zero UV Emissions
    IP68 Certified
    MIL810-STDG Vibration Certified
    100% Optically Clear Lens
    No Warm Up – Instant On / Off
    ROHS Compliant

    Big Power in a Small Package – The Rigid Industries SR-Q2 LED Light is one of the most versatile lighting products on the market today. This 6 LED light can be used for virtually any lighting application – from off-road to agriculture. The SR-Q2 offers the same light output as our D2 in a 1×6 configuration – 3,030 raw lumens at only 34.5 watts. The compact size and shape of the SR-Q2 LED Light allows it to fit almost anywhere. The SR-Q2 is available in multiple LED color options to suit your needs (select your preferred color option from the drop-down menu above).

    Specter Optics – This Specter Optics System is our most advanced optics system yet. Our engineering team designed the 6-LED Specter system to project light not only far, but also wide. Rather than a conical beam, the Specter projects an oblong beam that is wider than it is tall. It directs the light to right where it’s needed, instead of sacrificing light to the ground or an empty sky.

    Driving Pattern – The Driving version of our Specter Optics System projects a more concentrated beam to provide visibility at greater distances while still acting as a medium flood light. This ability to act as both a long distance spot and wide area light makes it one of our most popular options.

    Quality Construction – Our circuitry is designed in-house to be more powerful, be more efficient, and generate less heat. Our durable cast aluminum housings feature custom, over-sized heat sinks which keep the temperature down and allow our LED’s to run cooler and brighter. We give our housings a high quality powder-coat and finish them off with a custom-molded rubber seal and an unbreakable, scratch resistant lens. Rigid Industries LED lights are engineered to withstand whatever you, the road, or nature can throw at them.
    Kit Contents:

    One (1) SR-Q2 LED Light (also available as a pair)
    One (1) Wire Harness w/ Switch
    One (1) Mount w/ Hardware

    For more information on this new product please call or visit our showroom.

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    Rigid Industries SRQ2 series fitted to Toyota Land Cruiser 

    The owner of this Land Cruiser loves his toys and the Rigid Industries LED lights he has fitted to his vehicle finish it off well. Attached to a Rhino Roof Pioneer Platform Alloy Rack with Rhino Roof work light brackets they sit perfectly for his camping needs.

    Both Rhino Roof and Rigid Industries products are sold at Snake Racing.

    For any queries on what you see and more please call, visit our website or showroom at Carlton NSW.


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    Enthused Nissan Patrol owner fits Rigid Industries LED lighting 


    One very enthusiastic Nissan Patrol owner visited Snake Racing recently and bought his first Rigid Industies LED light. He was so impressed he came back for more and can now light up the skies of the city.

    As seen in the photos left and below he  added to the front of the vehicle a 30″ E series on the  ARB bull bar, a 40″ E Series on the front Rhino Roof Rack and 1 pair of D2 Dually’s with Orange lens covers. All of these individual lights are more than capable of lighting up huge areas on their own however our customer just loves what these lights can do.

    Not only did he fit out the front of the vehicle he covered the back view as well with 2 Dually 1300 Lumen on the spare tyre and 2 Dually 1300 Lumen on the rear roof rack.

    Look out if you are a Kangaroo or loan Fox, there’s definitely no hiding from this guy.

    For details on the full range of Rigid Industries LED Lighting call or visit the showroom or click below to view our range online.


    2  Dually D2s – Driving beam


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    Rigid Industries A-Series LED Accessory Lights 



    Rigid Industries continues to lead the industry in innovation, this time by announcing the release of the A-Series Family of LED Accessory Lights.

    Rigid Industries has given its customers another LED option with the brand new A-Series family of LED Accessory Lights. The miniature lights, built tough and bright, can be mounted on a radius or flat surface and used for nearly any application.

    It’s a small light with a large projection – 200 Lumens interior and 400 Lumens exterior. The A-Series comes in a black, white or tri-plex (waterproof) cast aluminum housing with a polycarbonate lens and UV/anti-scratch coating.

    The A-Series LED Accessory Light from Rigid Industries comes in in Black or White versions with Low Power or High Power in Warm White, Natural White, Cool White, Red, Blue, Amber or Green colors. The Tri-Plex version is a High Power only light available in the same colors. Rubber adapter mounts are included in flat or radius mounts – all with side or bottom wire exits. An adhesive VHB die-cut pad is included as an additional mounting option. The A-Series LED Accessory Light can be used for anything and goes everywhere from inside a vehicle cab, to a cabin light on a boat, on the back of a work vehicle or wherever anyone wants to add more light.

    This exciting new technology in LED lighting can be used for Marine LED Lighting, Military LED Lighting, Mining LED Lighting along with Agriculture LED Lighting. Rigid Industries is committed to supporting their customers and the industries they work in by continuously developing new product lines to meet their needs.


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    The SR-Q LED Light family by Rigid Industries transforms high output LED Lighting into a more compact linear package.

    Rigid Industries is at it again, with the creation and release of another new line of fantastic LED technology. The SR-Q and Marine SR-Q line are great new Rigid Industries products that offer the same bright output that Rigid is known for.

    The SR-Q/SR-Q2 and the Marine SR-Q/SR-Q2 offer the same output and beam patterns as that of the Dually and D2; however in a more compact housing style, similar to that of the SR-M.

    This is the first product of Rigid Industries’ that comes with a free cover! The standard SR-Q/SR-Q2 come with a black Rigid Industries cover and the Marine SR-Q/SR-Q2 come with a white Rigid Industries cover to match the lights white housing. Other covers are also available for the SR-Q and Marine SR-Q product line in similar colors offered for other Rigid lines.

    The housing is a slim 1.84″ tall by 4.96″ long by 2.25 of depth. Both patented, Hybrid and Specter optics are available. Both Marine SR-Q and SR-Q also come in a flush mount version. “The innovative and sleek SR-Q’s and Flush Mount SR-Q’s offer a complete new solution to lighting in many different applications, without compromising any output or beam intensity,” says Account Manger Amanda Larson.

    Not only do the SR-Q’s and Marine SR-Q’s work with any of Rigid’s already existing line of Clamp systems, both lines come with a u cradle and mounting hardware. Just as all other Rigid product these run on 9-36 volt system and comes with the Rigid Industries limited lifetime warranty and world famous customer service.


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    Rigid Industry Lights at SNAKE RACING 

    Snake Racing 50 Waterview Street Carlton NSW 2218

    If you are looking for all things spot light, whether you are into hunting, 4WD, transport or the mining industry Snake Racing has the answer –   Rigid Industries LED lights.  Snake carries a huge range of these lights all sizes and strengths available, from Dually Spot, Driving, Flood and Diffusion to Amber and E Series Light bars.

    Snake also carries a range of Rigid clamps, mounts, covers and accessories to suit all needs. Check out the website, call or come in to the new showroom at 50 Waterview Street Carlton NSW. 02 95701588.



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    Rigid Industries Compact Dually LED Lighting 

    Off road lighting compact=

    Compact LED lighting solutions for your off road vehicle, bike or boat.

    A Powerful 4 LED light in a compact but indestructible cast alloy body, that can be used for anything from a reverse light on a truck, a handlebar light on a Motorcycle, to a flood light on a trailer or boat.

    The Snake Racing Dually LED video information guides take you through the features of the Rigid Industry Dually LED lighting products and comparisons between the different light output options. Drawing only 10W, you will be amazed by the power, efficiency and durability of the Rigid Industries Dually LED lighting range. Read and compare the technical details, dimensions and prices by clicking here.

    Rigid Dually 1300 Lumens Compact LED Light in Spot or Flood

    Rigid Industries E Series and Dually Light Covers

    Now you can protect your LED lens on and off road with translucent and opaque light covers. The translucent covers offer protection to the lens when the LED light is in use and the opaque covers offer protection when the LED light is not in use. Watch Krystal below to find out more!

    For more information, dimensions and price guide on all our Rigid Industries LED products click here.

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    Rigid Industries LED Lighting 

    Rigid Industries 20" LED

    Are you looking at lighting options for your vehicle, boat or heavy machinery?

    The Snake Racing video information guides take you through the features of the Rigid Industry LED lighting products and comparisons between the different size options. You will be amazed by the power, efficiency and durability of the Rigid Industries LED lighting range. Read and compare the technical details, dimensions and prices by clicking here.

    LED Light Bars by Rigid Industries

    Rigid Industries 10″ and 30″ LED Light Bar Comparison

    Rigid Industries Torture Test

    Rigid Industries put the quality of their LED light bars to the test as they chop, steak, grind, drown and crush a range of E Series, SR Series and Dually LED products. Watch the Torture Test to see how they ended up!

    Rigid Dually 1300 Lumens Compact LED Light in Spot or Flood

    Weather your heading forwards or in reverse, the Rigid Industries Dually Compact LED is an efficient and tidy option for your  motorbike, vehicle or boat. Watch to find out more!

    Rigid Industries E Series and Dually Light Covers

    A great addition for E Series light bars and Dually (inc D2) LED lights, the translucent covers offer protection to the lens when the LED light is in use and the opaque covers offer protection when the LED light is not in use. Watch Krystal below to find out more!

    For more information, dimensions and price guide on all our Rigid Industries LED products click here.

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