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    Ian Paltridge – Queensland Off Road Drivers Series Round 3 

    Written by Ian Paltridge

    The ‘On Track 4WD Centre 200’ proved to be by far the most eventful race we had yet attended. Arriving Saturday morning we were quick to unload and hit the track for reconnaissance, the course made it obvious very early on that it was going to be a hard, tough and rough 14.5 km’s to drive fast and consistently.

    The first heat commenced early that afternoon, despite the less then desirable track conditions we finished in good time putting us among the top three. Pumped after such a good drive we quickly checked over the car and lined up third from the start line for round two.

    No more than 1 km into the course things quickly went downhill with suspected rock smashing a wheel, hub and brake calliper. This then lead to the collapse of the rear navigator’s side wheel bearing (should have stopped when the brakes went). Due to limited braking the car coped nothing but more damage until finally coming to a rest track side.

    Come Sunday morning we were again… lined up and ready to race. Having driven home and spent the majority of Saturday night rebuilding the back end of the Polaris we considered the weekend far from over. Our next two laps proved that, with our times being equal to those holding outright places.

    Second last heat of the event and disaster struck again, an almost identical repeat of yesterday’s incident. With no remaining spares that was unfortunately us out.

    The weekend was however anything but a waste of time with so many new things learnt about the performance and capabilities of the Polaris. With repairs and upgrades almost complete we will be ready for the ARB Goondiwindi 400 in August!

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    Ian Paltridge – Queensland Off Road Championship Round 2 

    After the 11 hour drive we made it to Retreat Station on Friday afternoon just in time for reconnaissance. Up to that point we had absolutely no idea what we were in for, considering it took no less than an hour to complete the track in the Landcruiser we knew that to repeat this 35km course 6 times over was going to be no small task.

    A short walk through the pits Saturday morning revealed the main competition, 6 other Polaris XP900’s.  To race against vehicles of the same class on such a track was going to be unreal!

    Completing prologue in good time we started the first round in 5th place. The main track consisted of everything from huge tabletops to massive hill climbs, tight heavily timbered sections to high speed flats with no structure at all.  We slid over the finish line with a good time and most importantly no damage.

    The next five laps proved to be just as hard and physically draining as the first. Consistently improving our times we managed to complete the entire 210km’s.

    Although we took out the fastest single lap in class, come presentations we honestly didn’t know what to expect as by Sunday our main goal was to simply finish.

    When we were presented with second in class it came as quite a surprise. Being narrowly beaten by the land owner Chris Moohin in his Polaris and only one place off third outright the weekend was considered a major success!

    Final inspection of the car after the final lap revealed a broken sway bar and a broken top control arm bolt. How this stayed in we have no idea as I pulled it out with my fingers.

    We went to this event to get more drive time and to compete against a large field of Polarises and we came away a with a great result and a lot more experience.

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    Ian Paltridge- Cooper Rally 

    Written by Ian Paltridge

    Being known for its rough track conditions the 2nd round of the Cooper Rally Series proved to be no different. Racing started from midday on the Saturday with roughly 25 vehicles lined up ready to get going. Getting off to a great start we managed some great times putting us on the board immediately. We were able to maintain this performance throughout the entirety of day one.

    Come Sunday morning we received news that the several previously closed tracks had been reopened extending the course by approximately 6 km’s to a total of 12 km. With sections more closely suited to low range crawling it slowed the cars down significantly making for some very difficult racing.  Our luck however continued finishing each lap damage free and in impressive times.

    The extreme track conditions claimed several vehicles that afternoon with DNF’s against some of the more competitive cars which proved to be an advantage our way. With only one more lap to complete we finished only two seconds off the current fastest single lap time, putting another great time on the board to match our previous heats.

    We were stoked with our efforts after receiving a first outright trophy and first in class trophy and cannot wait for round three in October.

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    Ian Paltridge wins Coopers Rally Round 2. 

    What a great result for Ian Paltridge with a win in class and outright win at the 2nd round of the Coopers Rally at Landcruiser Mountain Park Qld last weekend. Having finished 2nd outright in the 1st round he has certainly brushed off the cobwebs from his 4 year break from racing and got straight back into the hot seat from where he left off 4 years ago.

    Again, with close to 30 vehicles competing in the event Ian is proving he has what it takes behind the wheel of his Snake Racing Polaris XP900 to bring home the goods.

    Congratulations Ian and bring on round 3.

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    Day 2 Tatts Finke Desert Race 

    It just wasn’t meant to be. After making it to Finke last night and madly carrying out repairs, the boys from Snake Racing Wayne Murphy and Chris Taylor were ready to tackle the day ahead. The return from Finke to Alice Springs was looking promising until a control arm bolt broke on the Polaris XP 900 in the second stage for the day. That was the end for Snake as the boys retired the vehicle and limped back to Deep Well on the service track with temp repairs using zip ties. The service team went in to pick up a very disappointed Wayne and Chris.

    All issues aside the boys had a blast attending the event and the whole team really enjoyed the long days and nights and the entire atmosphere that this type of event rallies. We are all looking forward to the party tonight and can finally relax after a few hectic weeks of preparation.

    Congratulations must go to Adrian Jackson and Darren Kim from Team Barry Moule for placing 1st and 2nd in the UTV class and Shaun Blowers for placing 3rd.

    In overall  outright a huge congrats goes to Hayden Bentley from SA for holding onto 1st place, Shannon Rentsch from Vic in 2nd and Mark Burrows from Vic in 3rd. All 3 formed part of the PRO class and held back the rest of the field.

    A big thanks to the whole team from Snake Racing for making this event possible.

    Look out for more photos and video from the event on our website soon.

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    Wittitrin 300 Run and won 

    Round 3 (Wittitrin 300) of the NSW Off Road Championship was run over the weekend on a very muddy track after a week of heavy rain. The rain subsided on Friday and the biggest show of vehicles this event has seen went ahead with 40 rolling up to take on the wet and muddy conditions.

    The boys from Snake (Wayne Murphy and Chris Taylor) experienced some minor issues ranging from a failed spark plug to a rear wheel problem, unfortunately costing them precious time and positions. They did manage to claw their way back on Sunday morning and still managed to finish in the top 10 with an 8th outright and 3rd in class behind the visitors from Queensland.

    Overall the general feeling was the event was fantastic and very well run with great facilities and people throughout the weekend.

    With a Polaris XP900 that started out Blue, it came back to Sydney a nice shade of Brown and was unrecognisable upon unloading from the truck. The boys are up to their 3rd attempt at washing the vehicle and all the gear that goes with it.

    Congratulations to Chris and Len Levi 1st outright

    Jeff Thomas, Peter Calvert and Louise Dorrian2nd 2nd outright

    Dale and Mal Chadburn 3rd outright

    Round 4 of the NSW Off Road Championship will be run at Griffith 13th and 14th July.  See you there.


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    A bittersweet weekend at NSW ORC Crookwell 

    The boys suffered a bit of a battering at Round 2 of the NSW ORC at Crookwell on the weekend but still managed to finish 2nd in class which was a good result considering the conditions that they faced.

    The weather served up a mixed bag with very cold temperatures on Friday and Saturday,  drizzling sleet on Saturday and an outstanding day of sunshine on Sunday. There was a bit of everything.

    Snake Racing driver and navigator Wayne and Chris loved the track, they said it was brilliant, full of all types of terrain with sharp bends, open paddocks, hills and gullies. They dodged a Blue Tongue and Echidna along the way which made for some interesting driving.

    After a successful day on Saturday with some great times it just wasn’t to be on Sunday morning. During heat 4 the boys suffered yet more damage to the Polaris XP 900 with 2 broken factory upper and lower right hand side ball joints which then intern damaged the steering rack and rack end, axle, caliper and break lines. All parts were replaced with new ones accept the brake caliper. This was yet another hit to the hip pocket. This incident saw Wayne and Chris struggle to stay in the game as they  did not finish that heat. After Wayne made a mad dash back to the pits on foot to crab the replacement parts Chris and himself did a great job getting the Polaris back together and back on its way for the final heat of the day which consisted of 10 laps.

    Out of 12 vehicles that were left to compete in the final heat only 4 managed to make it home to the finish. Luckily Wayne was one of them. The heat really took its toll on everyone with minor injuries and body fatigue but there was some great racing with the vehicles battling right to the end.

    As above Wayne’s times  were very impressive however they were not enough to keep him on track for another 1st place on the podium in class or a podium finish outright. 2nd in class was a good result but it knocked us back down the ladder in the outright stakes.  Lets hope round 3 sees them make a comeback and hopefully the Polaris won’t suffer any issues at the next event.

    Congratulations to Michael Smith for taking 1st in the UTV class and Justin Guy for 1st outright at Crookwell.

    Round 3, Wittitrin 300 will be held at Kempsey on 25th and 26th May.


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    Muzzys Exhaust Polaris RZR XP 900 @ Snake Racing 


    Now available at Snake Racing for Polaris RZR XP 900

    The Muzzy full exhaust for the RZR XP-900 is 2 into 1 into 2 system featuring large diameter stepped head pipes for the largest power increases throughout the power band. Longer dual oval aluminum muffler canisters provide an agressive sound without excessive decibel levels. What truly sets this system apart from the rest is the new Muzzler midsection that reduces sound levels significantly without horsepower robbing restriction of exhaust flow. The muffler canisters feature the Modular Endcap System with spark arrestor screen and quiet core and are available in polished, brushed or black coated finishes. Muzzys recommends the Digi-Tune Pro Fuel Tuner when purchasing the full exhaust.  [flickr]set:72157633037809993[/flickr]

    • Full 304 stainless TIG welded head pipes.
    • Dual aluminum muffler canisters available in three finishes.
    • Largest Diameter Equal Length Stepped Head Pipes
    • Exclusive Muzzler™ Midsection – Lowest decibel levels
    • Most powerful exhaust available for the XP-900
    • Legendary Muzzy Exhaust Tone.
    • Integrated oxygen sensor bung.
    • USFS approved spark arrestors and quiet cores.
    • Six pounds lighter than stock!

    For all enquiries visit our store at 50 Waterview Street Carlton or call 02 95701588


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    Celebrations at the NSW Off Road Championship Milbrodale Mountain Classic 

    The boys from Snake Racing traveled up the Putty Road just south of Singleton on the weekend to attend and compete in the Hedweld Milbrodale Mountain Classic. This event was HVORRA’s main event for 2012 and was also the 5th round of the NSW Off Road Championship for 2012. With conditions clear, cool and slight wind gusts creating a great amount of dusts the boys were in for an interesting weekend.

    Drivers Wayne Murphy and Mick Smith were both very happy with the feel and performance of their Snake Racing XP900’s and were ready to go all out to place as far up the ladder as they could. Besides a few misfortunes during the weekend they managed to finish 1st and 2nd in class with Wayne and navigator Chris finishing 29th outright and Mick and navigator Scott finishing 44th out of an impressive field of 76.

    The weekend was filled with ups and downs for all competitors and saw Gregg Foss and Karin McRae taken away to hospital after a concerning accident on Saturday afternoon. Gregg was released and back at the track on Sunday morning however Karin was a little worse for wear and kept in due to a few nasty injuries, but should make a full recovery.

    Wayne said “besides a few mishaps throughout the event the car ran perfectly, we managed to overtake quite a few vehicles and the dust made it all that more challenging for everyone. I don’t know how the officials and recovery crew handled the dust, we felt very sorry for them. Overall it was a great weekend and Murray ran a fantastic rally. The long race was awesome, extremely rough with tight technical tracks and we really enjoyed ourselves”.

    Chris Taylor who navigated for Wayne says he is very happy with the results as it was only his second event as a navigator and he has taken home trophies from both events.  “ I am feeling sore and exhausted and hats off to all the drivers as I am amazed at their stamina and wheel work”.

    Congratulations must go to Matthew Martin in his Jimco Nissan VQ35 V6 for finishing 1st outright, Adam Barnacoat in his Lothringer Daihatsu for placing 2nd and Mark Eveleigh in his Jimco Chev V8 who came in third.

    All are looking forward to Round 6 of the NSW Off Road Championship at the Dondingalong Off Road Challenge coming up on 15th – 16th September.


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    Custom XP900 Polaris Modified by Snake Racing 

    Polaris Industries UTV XP 900 in blue for Polaris racing

    Snake Racing has a New Toy! Polaris XP 900!

    The new blue 2011 Polaris XP 900 is a production line UTV suitable for off road racing, rock crawling and working on a property. In striking royal blue, Snake Racing will be off road racing the XP 900 in events across NSW. Testing performance improvement products and tracks so we can pass on the best advice to our customers!

    There are plenty of options for improving the performance, ride and look of your Polaris XP 900. Here is some of the modifications we have made so far:

    Custom Modifications List (so far 😉 )

    • Snake Racing heavy duty Aluminium rear radius arms with 5/8″ chromoly rose joints
    • Front and rear suspension powdercoated in Snake Racing Blue
    • 1/4″ 6061 alloy rear gurdle for radius rods
    • DMC Comp 4 stainless steel dual exhaust
    • DMC Electronic Fuel Injection Control
    • Rigid Industries SR Series 30″ LED light bar
    • Snake Racing 6 point roll cage, diagonals and rear bar bracing
    • Custom Aluminium roof plate with Dzus fasteners
    • Custom  Lexan rear 1/4  windows
    • 3″ 5 point CROW harnesses
    • Carbon copy bonnet scoop
    • Proarmor doors with slam latches
    • DWT beadlock Rims with ITP directional 900 XLT 27×11 R12 tyres

    Watch this space for more updates on modifications, performance and track reports!

    Got some questions or you want to know more? No Worries! 🙂 Contact the Snake Racing UTV Racing Team at utv@snakeracing.com.au


    Click here to read more UTV Racing News.

    Article by Krystal Harden

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