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    2013 Tuff Truck Challenge DVD Now Available. 

    The all new 2013 Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge 2013 DVD is now available from Snake Racing.

    You can call or visit the showroom to purchase your 5 hr double DVD for $40.

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    Ian Paltridge – Queensland Off Road Championship Round 2 

    After the 11 hour drive we made it to Retreat Station on Friday afternoon just in time for reconnaissance. Up to that point we had absolutely no idea what we were in for, considering it took no less than an hour to complete the track in the Landcruiser we knew that to repeat this 35km course 6 times over was going to be no small task.

    A short walk through the pits Saturday morning revealed the main competition, 6 other Polaris XP900’s.  To race against vehicles of the same class on such a track was going to be unreal!

    Completing prologue in good time we started the first round in 5th place. The main track consisted of everything from huge tabletops to massive hill climbs, tight heavily timbered sections to high speed flats with no structure at all.  We slid over the finish line with a good time and most importantly no damage.

    The next five laps proved to be just as hard and physically draining as the first. Consistently improving our times we managed to complete the entire 210km’s.

    Although we took out the fastest single lap in class, come presentations we honestly didn’t know what to expect as by Sunday our main goal was to simply finish.

    When we were presented with second in class it came as quite a surprise. Being narrowly beaten by the land owner Chris Moohin in his Polaris and only one place off third outright the weekend was considered a major success!

    Final inspection of the car after the final lap revealed a broken sway bar and a broken top control arm bolt. How this stayed in we have no idea as I pulled it out with my fingers.

    We went to this event to get more drive time and to compete against a large field of Polarises and we came away a with a great result and a lot more experience.

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    Ian Paltridge- Cooper Rally 

    Written by Ian Paltridge

    Being known for its rough track conditions the 2nd round of the Cooper Rally Series proved to be no different. Racing started from midday on the Saturday with roughly 25 vehicles lined up ready to get going. Getting off to a great start we managed some great times putting us on the board immediately. We were able to maintain this performance throughout the entirety of day one.

    Come Sunday morning we received news that the several previously closed tracks had been reopened extending the course by approximately 6 km’s to a total of 12 km. With sections more closely suited to low range crawling it slowed the cars down significantly making for some very difficult racing.  Our luck however continued finishing each lap damage free and in impressive times.

    The extreme track conditions claimed several vehicles that afternoon with DNF’s against some of the more competitive cars which proved to be an advantage our way. With only one more lap to complete we finished only two seconds off the current fastest single lap time, putting another great time on the board to match our previous heats.

    We were stoked with our efforts after receiving a first outright trophy and first in class trophy and cannot wait for round three in October.

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    Ian Paltridge wins Coopers Rally Round 2. 

    What a great result for Ian Paltridge with a win in class and outright win at the 2nd round of the Coopers Rally at Landcruiser Mountain Park Qld last weekend. Having finished 2nd outright in the 1st round he has certainly brushed off the cobwebs from his 4 year break from racing and got straight back into the hot seat from where he left off 4 years ago.

    Again, with close to 30 vehicles competing in the event Ian is proving he has what it takes behind the wheel of his Snake Racing Polaris XP900 to bring home the goods.

    Congratulations Ian and bring on round 3.

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    Albins ARB Goondiwindi 400 

    Title: Albins ARB Goondiwindi 400
    Location: Goondiwindi Track
    Description: Qld Off Road Championship Round 3
    ARB Australian Off Road Racing Series Round 3
    Qld Odd Road Drivers Series Round 6

    Start Date: Saturday 10th August 2013
    End Date: Sunday 11th August 2013

    Contact:Goondiwindi Motorsport Association

    The Event Secretary
    PO Box 380
    Goondiwindi QLD 4390

    SUPP REGS:GoondiwindiSuppRegs2013

    ENTRY FORMS:OnlineEntry2013

    ARB AORRS – arb_series_regs


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    Tatts Finke Desert Race – Downunder Racing words by Emily Attard 


    There is certain calm the night before you depart for Alice Springs. Something like the calm before a storm. The transporter is on route carrying the precious cargo, the work sheds are bare and the swearing and tool throwing has come to a complete halt. Our preparation for this iconic race had begun early. Taking many long nights, numerous cups of coffee and of course coin from our pockets. For us, our schedule revolves around Finke. This event puts birthdays on hold, football games on record and is considered the annual Attard Family holiday.

    The Downunder Racing crew had all landed, having flown in from NSW and QLD spirits were high, we had worked hard and a successful weekend was the plan. However, I guess Finke had different plans in mind for us…..

    The sun rose over Prologue day as the engines started to warm. The air is crisp and the pits reek of determination/nervousness. You speak to any rider or driver and they are always more intimidated by Prologue than the Finke race itself. I guess because anything can happen and not knowing is the worst thing of all.

    The Lucas Oil Chevy was purring as she waited on the start line. If offroad racing was like Rugby, then Trophy Trucks were like your front row. The Chevy being one of them, they are chosen for their size and strength. They are bigger, stronger, heavier and their job is to move forward with power.

    When the light flashed green it was go time, driver Daniel Attard was standing on it. Leaving any fear or uncertainty in the dust behind him. The Attard brothers were on a mission. The BF Goodrich tyres storming through the dirt our opening to Finke 2013 looked promising. But that’s the thing about Finke…. It can turn your glory into dust just like that. Daniel and Navi Matt Attard had already conquered half the track when they turned into a corner and rolled a swift 2 and a half times. Just like that the heavens closed and a cloud of devastation surrounded them. The once pristine panels were now bruised, broken and the big Chevy lay on its side as the chopper stalked in the skies above. The crew grouped back in the pits with little words on what went wrong. I guess because no words could explain how you feel in those moments when you have no control and whilst disappointment lurked amongst us we still had a truck to fix for racing the next day.

    As we awoke to Race Day 1, the Sunday paper had our Prologue troubles as their front page news. Whilst the rolling motion still lingered, yesterday was history and today not only for us but all teams was a new day. A day to abandon yesterday’s problems and to chase any lost ground.

    However it was at approximately 160km in to the Finke Desert Race that bad luck striked again. The Trophy Truck flipped, already without a bonnet and suffering from yesterday’s incident, to prevent any further trauma to the Lucas Oil Chevy we would surrender there in the middle of that Aussie Outback.

    That’s racing. That’s life, you win some you lose some.

    When you enter the Tatts Finke Desert Race you should never hope to go out there and win, you should only hope to finish and anything that comes after that is a plus.

    Any off-roader will tell you we don’t do it for the money or even the bragging rights. If you did you’re in the wrong sport. We do it for those minutes of freedom behind the wheel. We follow the dirt, we out run the dust and just try to chase the dream.

    As we boarded the flight bound for home we turned our back on the small town of Alice, the cruel red dust and promised ourselves this would be the last time.

    It won’t be.

    I don’t know if it’s the whoops, that blue horizon or roaring down a track that seems to have no ending but there is something that always has you coming back. Maybe it’s for that feeling you get when you’re out in the middle of the desert. When you feel like you’re separated from reality and even if it is only for a few minutes or kilometres…you feel free.

    Checkers or Wreckers.



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    Tatts Finke Desert Race 2013 – Great photo moments – Cars and Buggies 

    The Tatts Finke Desert Race is an off road, multi terrain two-day race for bikes, cars, buggies and quads through desert country from Alice Springs to the small Aputula (Finke) community. The race is held each year on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June. “Finke” as it is commonly known, is one of the biggest annual sporting events in the Northern Territory and has the reputation of being one of the most difficult offroad courses in one of the most remote places in the world. Finke is unique and the most fun you can have with a helmet on!


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    People of Tatts Finke Desert Race 2013 – Images 

    The Tatts Finke Desert Race is an off road, multi terrain two-day race for bikes, cars, buggies and quads through desert country from Alice Springs to the small Aputula (Finke) community. The race is held each year on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June. “Finke” as it is commonly known, is one of the biggest annual sporting events in the Northern Territory and has the reputation of being one of the most difficult offroad courses in one of the most remote places in the world. Finke is unique and the most fun you can have with a helmet on!

    Did you make the trek this year? Check out the gallery below.


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    Sunday, 09 June 2013 11:29 South Australian driver Hayden Bentley has blitzed the field on Day 1 of the Tatts Finke Desert Race car and buggy division by recording the fastest time on the 226 kilometre run from the Alice Springs start to the halfway race point at Finke.

    Bentley driving the #18 single seater 3500cc Racer Buggy set a stunning pace to record a time of 1 hour 49 minutes and 48 seconds.

    This pace compares to the fastest time into Finke on Day 1 of the 2012 event set by last year’s eventual winners Brad Gallard and Scott Modistach who did the journey in a time of 1 hour 56 minutes and 39 seconds.

    Unfortunately the Toyo Tyres Geiser Brother Trophy Truck of Gallard and Modistach failed to make the start today after suffering engine problems in yesterday’s prologue run.

    Second fastest time into Finke today was recorded by the West Australian crew of Beau Robinson and Ken Skinner in their #413 Geiser Brothers 6000cc Trophy Truck who did the run in 1 hour 51 minutes and 54 seconds.

    The third best time into Finke was 1 hour 52 minutes and 26 seconds recorded by the Victorian son and father team of Shannon and Ian Rentsch in the #33 Jimco Buggy Nissan 3500cc.

    The fastest vehicle in yesterday’s prologue the #92 Jimco Nissan PRO buggy of five time Finke champion Dave Fellows and Mark Bergamin was reported to have broken down approx. 20 kilometres from Finke.

    Other crews to strike trouble today include:

    • #4 Jimco Champion Chev 6000cc buggy of Buddy and Kerry Crowe (NSW) – Broke down at start
    • #8 Jimco Aussie Special Chev 6000cc of Daniel Auricht and Grant Connelly (NT) – broken CV joint past the Bundooma checkpoint
    • #13 Jimco OBR Nissan 3500cc of Travis Robinson and Paul Currie (WA) – ECU failure at the 35km mark
    • #14 Jimco Aussie Special Toyota 3500cc of Andrew Kittle (NT) and Andrew Kerr (SA) – reported livestock incident
    • #20 Rivmasta 2011 Chev 6000cc of Ashley and Graham Mowbray (NSW) –  Did not start
    • #88 Jimco 2000 Chev 6000cc of Chris Coulthard (NT) and Robert Hawker (WA) – Rolled south of Henry Hill
    • #91 Jimco Aussie Special Nissan 3500cc of Jack Rhodes and David Pullino (SA) – Broke down 7km south of Deep Well
    • #523 Ford Ranger Chev LS2 6000cc of Wei Hongjie and Xie Jinlin (China) – Broken steering at the 34 kilometre mark
    • #410 Ford F150 2012 5800cc of Greg Gartner and Jamie Jennings (SA) – Engine miss at the 25 km mark

    Should Bentley cross the finish line tomorrow in first position he will be the first single seater buggy driver to take victory since Paul Simpson won in a Jimco Buggy in 1997.

    Bentley won the Tatts Finke Desert race in 2007 in a Jimco Buggy with co-driver Ben Chivell.

    After camping overnight the car and buggy field will leave Finke tomorrow (Monday June 10) at 7.30am (CST) for the run home to Alice Springs with the first cars expected to arrive at approx. 9.15am

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    Hayden Bentley in his #18 Racer Buggy Cadilac 3500cc (single seater) has taken victory in the 2013 Tatts Finke Desert race.

    The South Australian driver blitzed the field yesterday on the run down from the Alice Springs start to the overnight stop at Finke, but the return journey back today proved to be a nail biting affair.

    Bentley, looked like he was going to get a relatively easy and very fast run after the second placed car overnight -the #413 Geiser Brothers Chev 6000cc Trophy Truck of WA crew Beau Robinson and Ken Skinner – rolled about 20 kilometres from Finke.

    However, about 60 kilometres from the chequered flag Bentley ‘heard noises’ and backed off.
    He crossed the line at an extremely slow pace with the problem being a rapidly deteriorating rear axle constant velocity joint (CV) taking 1 hour 52 minutes and 49 seconds compared to his blistering time yesterday of 1 hour 49 minutes and 48 seconds.

    Bentley’s total time for the event was 3 hours 42 minutes and 38 seconds and was a sweet victory for his family and crew, making him a two time winner following his previous victory in 2007.

    In second place was the son and father Victorian team of Shannon and Ian Rentsch (#33 Jimco Buggy Nissan 3500cc) who stopped the clocks today with a time of 1 hour 53 minutes and 59 seconds for a total event time of 3 hours 46 minutes and 25 seconds.

    The Rentsch team said they had a very good run and were pleased to be back on the podium after not having finished the Finke event for the past four years despite having won in 2005 and 2006.

    Adding to the multiple champions on today’s podium was the third placed crew of the #21 MBR Jimco 2012 Nissan 3500cc buggy with Mark Burrows (Vic) and Colin Hodge (NSW) aboard.

    Burrows – a five time Tatts Finke Desert Race winner – completed Day 2 in a time of 1 hour 56 minutes and 27 seconds for a total race time of 3 hours 50 minutes and 4 seconds.

    The Robinson/Skinner crew finished the event well down the field.

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