So what exactly is this new Hyperspot and how does it fit into the Rigid Industries product offering?

E2 and SR2 Combo Lights: Utilizing our newest optics, combined with our widest give an incredible evolution of the linear light bar. Using multiple optics technology in the same light gives the ultimate in projected light. You get wider and narrower light all in the same unit. As you can see in the diagram to the right, there are multiple beam sets that works perfectly together for seamless light exactly where you need it.

The 45 degree portion is from Spector driving optics. These are the same patented optics that are used in the ultra-popular D2 Driving lights. Providing a 45 degree wide and 15 degree tall driving beam, you get all the width desired without wasting spill light where you don’t need or want it with large single reflectors.

The narrow beam is almost all from the Hyperspot® portion of the light. The Hyperspot® is Rigid’s newest and most intense narrow beam optic. With a 5 degree full width beam 85%+ efficient optic, the distance is almost hard to describe. For instance a 30” E2 Combo using both Hyperspot® and Spector® optics has essentially a pair of D2’s on each end of the light for great width, but then projects measurable lux over 1.6km.  The E2/SR2 combo’s are the ultimate in versatility, more width and distance all in the same size light! We do offer only Hyperspot® up to 20” E2 and SR2, but any dedicated Hyperspot® should be used in conjunction with other lights. As a standalone light the Hyperspot can be too narrow and too intense. When combined as a bit of extra distance with other Rigid lights, it is the ultimate in distance just don’t underestimate the intensity!