Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 Off Road Race


Ensenada, Baja California

Thick fog, rain, pitch black darkness and choking dust was no match for Rigid Industries LED equipped racers at the 46th annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 off-road race. The Baja 1000 is the granddaddy of desert racing. The course was an 883-mile loop, that climbed and descended rocky mountain passes, plowed through bottomless silt beds and touched both coasts of the Baja Peninsula. It was said to be one of the toughest most technical ever. Rigid Industries racers did more than survive, they thrived in the challenging conditions.

At the top of the list was overall winner BJ Baldwin. BJ won both the race and the SCORE Trophy Truck championship for the second year in a row. His win was accomplished driving the entire distance ironman style with no relief driver. His Rigid Industries lighting set-up consisting of a combination of D2 drives, 54″radius combos and a 54″ radius spot and 40” Hyperspot allowed him to fly through the silt beds and leave the rest of the Trophy Truck field in the dust. Late race charges by his rivals couldn’t keep up at night and failed to have any effect. At the mere sight of them in the rear view mirror he put his truck on the chip and checked out, leaving them in the darkness. BJ was one of the first racers to embrace LED lighting and Rigid Industries has helped him to achieve several of his 7 Championships. This includes winning the last 2 Baja 1000 races with only Rigid Industries LED lighting.

Rigid Industries class 1 racer Damen Jeffries took a highly contested victory finishing just seven seconds ahead of second place. His Rigid Industries lighting helped to guide him to the finish through darkness and rain. “It was raining coming back into town; we lost the intercom and didn’t have any GPS,” says Damen, “It was nerve wracking coming back into town because there are a lot of spectators. It’s not easy to push hard and still be smart coming home.” Without GPS, Damen was able to hold off a hard charging second place competitor with the aid of his Rigid Industries LED lighting.

Outstanding victories were also accomplished by Rigid Industries racers Kevin Carr in his class 5 Unlimited Baja Bug and Dan Chamlee who persevered through incredible hardships to take the class 7 victory. Carr, who has multiple Baja victories and class 5 points championships, was short and sweet at the finish line. “The course was rough and the silt beds were terrible.”  He has seen countless miles on the Baja peninsula, much more than others after the sun has gone down thanks to his Rigid Industries lighting. For Chamlee, it was a difficult race but he earned the victory. “When we were moving we were putting down some good time and having a lot of fun. Unfortunately we weren’t always moving. I flipped the truck on its lid, broke the transmission. Most of the race I ran with no clutch and had to speed shift because it was packed with silt and wouldn’t disengage. We would blow it out and then we would hit another silt bed. My truck is thrashed.”

The toughest conditions are no match for the superior lighting performance Rigid Industries provides. When you demand the best in optical technology and rugged durability there is nothing that compares to Rigid Industries LED lighting.