Wittitrin 300 Run and won

Round 3 (Wittitrin 300) of the NSW Off Road Championship was run over the weekend on a very muddy track after a week of heavy rain. The rain subsided on Friday and the biggest show of vehicles this event has seen went ahead with 40 rolling up to take on the wet and muddy conditions.

The boys from Snake (Wayne Murphy and Chris Taylor) experienced some minor issues ranging from a failed spark plug to a rear wheel problem, unfortunately costing them precious time and positions. They did manage to claw their way back on Sunday morning and still managed to finish in the top 10 with an 8th outright and 3rd in class behind the visitors from Queensland.

Overall the general feeling was the event was fantastic and very well run with great facilities and people throughout the weekend.

With a Polaris XP900 that started out Blue, it came back to Sydney a nice shade of Brown and was unrecognisable upon unloading from the truck. The boys are up to their 3rd attempt at washing the vehicle and all the gear that goes with it.

Congratulations to Chris and Len Levi 1st outright

Jeff Thomas, Peter Calvert and Louise Dorrian2nd 2nd outright

Dale and Mal Chadburn 3rd outright

Round 4 of the NSW Off Road Championship will be run at Griffith 13th and 14th July.  See you there.