Ian Paltridge – Gympie Queensland Off Road Drivers Series Round 4


This was to be our first ever cams event and it turned out to be a ripper 7km short course track. There were 33 cars in total across all classes so we were in for some great racing. Each car started at 2 minute intervals with only a one lap sprint. This continued for the entire event with no room for error with only one lap to get it right. There was only to be 2 laps on Saturday but after some sweet talking we convinced them to add 2 more laps with great results. We were chasing a class one buggy and another Polaris for the top spot by days end with a night stage still to go.

We stalled in the night stage much to my disgust and managed to lose precious time trying to start the car with no internal light. (Very funny later on but not at the time).

Sunday continued with the same format but the stalling issue continued so we had to behave ourselves just to finish and keep our spot. This didn’t stop a red mist moment and a near roll over up on one wheel nearly take out a tree moment.

The event was a great start to Cams racing for us as we finished 2nd in class and 3rd outright coming in behind a class 1 buggy and a seasoned Polaris racer against 33 cars.

We found this event to be heaps of fun and very well run. The track was near perfect with motocross jumps, big gullies and well over 100 turns in 7km’s.