UTV and Polaris Come & Try Khanacross a Success!

Polaris RZR S, RZR and XP at Snake Racing Come Try Twilight Khanacross

G Class gets racing as UTV owners take on the Twilight Tracks!

UTV owners from across NSW took up the invite to rally as part of the Snake Racing UTV Come & Try Day and Westlakes Twilight Khanacross on September 3rd. 10 eager G Class drivers competed in Polaris RZR, RZR S and the new, higher horse-power XP model vehicles.

CAMS UTV G Class Polaris RZR and XP 900 pre run in khanacross rally racing

To ensure our new G Class entrants received the full Khanacross racing experience drivers arrived early for pre-event sign on, scrutineering and briefing. With the official business completed, the UTV’s hit the dirt for an on track introduction guided by club secretary Ben Sample. This allowed new drivers to get a feel for their vehicle handling, corners and how to navigate the course.

The main event, the Twilight Multi-Club Khanacross kicked off as per usual race meeting proceedings at 2pm. Ready to race and excited by the extra challenge of night tests, 56 drivers of all classes pushed their rev limiters around 3 twisted tracks. Competing in one direction in daylight and reversed for the evening. Twilight tracks are only illuminated by lighting from vehicles so it’s worth paying attention to track directions on the pre-run!

The thrill of driving in darkness gives drivers an extra hit of adrenalin as the tracks seem faster and the disappearing corners tighter. The grunter Polaris XP models roared around the tracks noticeably faster than their light weight siblings the RZR and RZR S models.

Polaris XP 900 racing in CAMS G Class at Westlakes Automobile Club Khanacross  Our new drivers picked up the track feel quickly with Iain Huges in a Polaris XP scoring overall first place for the day. The next closest overall winner Jason Spruce in a Gemini trailed the Polaris XP by 10 seconds. When micro-seconds can separate winners this large gap proves the potential of the Polaris XP as a true contender for winning the khanacross series in the comming years.

Other notable drives came from Nathan Chivers and Len Pipiciello who also placed in the overall top ten. A special mention for Ashleigh Pipicello who has never rallyed before showed she is only a few practice days away from mastering her Polairs XP. At the end of the day Ashleigh said she “loves the Khanacross events and can’t wait until the next one!”

If excitement and adrenaline could be measured it would have been obvious by the wide smiles and camaraderie amongst the teams. Enquires about the next event and encouraging more track days, it’s safe to say all our newbies have got the UTV racing bug!

G Class Results

G Class Results
Driver Total O/R Class
Iain Huges 386.33 1 1
Nathan Chivers 401.96 6 2
Len Pipiciello 402.35 7 3
Michael Smith 415.50 11 4
Ryan Flanagan 426.75 23 5
Mogews Madsen 435.02 32 6
Trent Dawson 457.15 37 7
Krystal Harden 471.10 44 8
Les Chivers 476.94 43 9
Ashleigh Pipicello 583.66 54 10

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All production 4WD UTV brands are invited to compete in G Class. Club and State Khanacross events sanctioned by CAMS are regularly held across NSW. If your keen to see how your UTV will go and have some old fashioned family fun, find out more by contacting us at  utv@snakeracing.com.au

Krystal Harden in Snake Racing Polaris RZR S and XP at Westlakes Khanacross

Article by Krystal Harden