Snake Racing NSW Khanacross Round 6 Race Report

Polaris RZR, RZR S and XP 900 line up for Snake Racing at off road racing Khanacross Awaba

The Polaris XP 900 applies pressure to competitor accelerator pedals!

The heat is on as the Polaris XP 900 drivers reach new speeds and challenge all classes for the outright winning places!

The Snake Racing NSW Khanacross State Round 6 lured 53 drivers out to play at Awabawac Park this weekend. Beautiful sunny weather and an enthusiastic race field meant drivers were hitting top speed as they raced around the 4 Awabawac Park rally tracks. Racing conditions were dry and dust from the dirt tracks challenged the drivers abilities to maintain vehicle traction. Racers adjusted quickly to the Spring racing conditions and oversteer and understeer gradually reduced as the day went on.

Polaris RZR RZRS and XP UTV lined up to race in CAMS NSW State Khanacross Round 6

In the pits the stories of a Polaris XP driver (Iain Hughes) wining outright by 10 seconds at the previous club meeting (September 3rd 2011) has spread quickly. The current state competion learders were keen to see the new XP vehicles and assess their competition potential on the track. Iain Hughes returned this round with his red XP 900 and new Snake Racing Team driver, Nathan Chivers in the Blue XP 900. Both confidently took on this challenge and kept the other class drivers on their accelerator pedals by placing in the overall top 4! Nathan grabbed the overall event win by 3.2 seconds ahead of E Class driver Keith Toward. Watch out buggys, here comes the Polaris XP!!

E Class Buggy on track at Westlakes Automobile Club Khanacross State Round 6 Spectators were treated to beautiful drive by Sam Evans (Subaru, 4WD Class) in the morning run on event 1 which warmed his engin to a 3rd place overall win and the Peter Conroy and Son’s white Lexus added a touch of luxury to the days line up.  At the other end of the racing ladder, after a slow start Krystal Harden in the Snake Racing Polaris RZR S spent the day practicing her cornering abilities. On and off the track 😉 Courtney Fletcher in her blue 180B suffered engine failure just prior to her last run and after some quick repairs finished the day on a high.

Overall an enjoyable days racing with all drivers bringing their round 6 best efforts. Sunday’s warm weather provided a beautiful introduction to Spring racing conditions which is perfect for the open cabin vehicles! Congratulations to Nathan Chivers of the Snake Racing Team on his outright win and to all competitors, CAMS officials and volunteers for hosting a great days racing!


Click here for the Results thanks to the Westlakes Automobile Club!

Krystal Harden and Nathan Chivers of Snake Racing Team with Polaris UTV at Khanacross off road racing Snake Racing is proud to support to local NSW motorsport and would like to say Thank You to all the dedicated CAMS officials and club volunteers for assisting with developing the new G Class. Snake Racing sponsored the NSW State Khanacross Round 6 hoted by the Westlakes Automobile Club with a $500 donation to the club.

Do you have a UTV or Polaris Ranger?

All production 4WD UTV brands are invited to compete in G Class. Club and State Khanacross events sanctioned by CAMS are regularly held across NSW. If your keen to see how your UTV will go and have some old fashioned family fun, find out more by contacting us at

Article by Krystal Harden