Brook Reber’s Terrain Taming GQ Nissan Patrol

GQ Nissan Patrol

“After heavy rain, with lots of mud around and deep water, it just powered through everything!” – Brook Reber

A beautiful, immaculately presented GQ Patrol wagon rolled up to the track and the driver flashed me a beaming smile.

Only a devoted four wheel driver would agree to meet me on one of the hottest days in Sydney for 2011, and still be excited about having a photo shoot.

I’d like to introduce you to Brook Reber, a passionate motor sport fan and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to vehicle exhaust systems. With a background in technical medical equipment supply and a successful muffler business, Hitech Mufflers, Brook is keen to share his knowledge and experience with anyone willing to learn.

For the Reber’s four wheel driving is a family affair with Brook’s son interested in 4WD adventure and travel it won’t be too long before you recognise this striking red and gold GQ wagon heading off onto the beaten track.GQ Nissan Patrol

One on One with Brook

Q: What is the vehicle mostly used for?
Recreation & camping but also a daily driver for work

Q: What is the favourite thing about your truck?
The Jekyll and Hyde nature of the thing; easy & smooth on the road with good handling and yet off-road it is just unstoppable!

Q: Can you share some of your best build up experiences?
Following Ryan’s expert advice on setting up the suspension shortly after I got the truck was a revelation; It went from being an understeering, rolly pig to a near-neutral handler on the road, yet still with excellent travel and bump absorption off-road. The previous owner thought he could do it himself and found out that too much adjustment gives you many ways to get it wrong!

Q: What about some of your worst build up experiences?
Trying (still) to sort out the crappy LPG system fitted the previous owner had fitted by Midas at Rockdale NSW!  Print that, it might shame ‘em into doing something about it!

Q: What is your best four wheel driving moment?
The first time we put the truck through its paces at Menai, after heavy rain, with lots of mud around and deep water and it just powered through everything whilst more modified and “capable” vehicles with us were getting stuck and frying clutches!

Q: What is the one tool you wouldn’t leave home without?
My Bushranger X-jack exhaust and air jack, modified with a heavy duty rubber/canvas over-bag for really abrasive surfaces; so easy, quick and adaptable that I no longer even carry one of those useless, heavy and damaging HiLifts! Even if you have to dig a bit to get it under the truck when it’s at an angle, it is preferable to fighting with a HiLift!

Q: Do you have any future plans for your truck?
It needs more power so a 6 litre Holden all-alloy L98 EFI V8 conversion with GM LPI (liquid propane injection) is planned for mid 2011. This will work fine with the current transmission using a “Marks” adaptor kit and will lift the power on petrol from 129kw/340nm to 270kw/510nm.

GQ Nissan Patrol

Vehicle Details

Name: Brook Reber
Home Town: Concord, NSW
Vehicle Type: Touring
Builder: Snake Racing, HiTech Mufflers, Traction4
Navigator: Dan Reber (Son)

Running Gear

Make: Nissan
Model: 1992 GQ Patrol TI, Y60
Chassis Design: Separate ladder frame, live axles
Engine: 4.2 litre inline 6, EFI, TB42E
Radiator: Nissan heavy duty, manual version with separate external trans cooler.
Air Intake: K&N filter, Safari snorkel
Exhaust: HiTech Mufflers 2.5 inch stainless steel, straight-through mufflers, ceramic-coated extractors
Gearbox: Nissan-Aisan 4-AT, 4-speed automatic with Wholesale Transmissions “Extreme” upgrade and “Nomad” heavy-duty valve-body, manual torque-converter lock and temp guage; external trans cooler with thermo fan.
Transfer: Stock GQ
Fuel: Dual-fuel, petrol and LPG

GQ Nissan Patrol

Body Work

Body Modifications: ARB high-mount winch bar, brush-bars & side steps/sliders, colour-matched to body; 4 Rhino bars & x-large Rhino basket, hi-lift & shovel mounts; dual batteries with isolator; “Big Red” air compressor, “Meta” full alarm system with 3-point immobilizer and remote central locking
Paint: Full re-spray in original colours 3 years ago
Hood: Stock except for over sized Nissan grille badge removed to improve airflow.
Interior: “Dash extension pod and roof console/shelf; AM and UHF CB’s; trans temp guage; “Momo” steering wheel; “Sparco” alloy pedals; “Pioneer” 4-speaker, high-power CD/tuner with electric aerial; “Bushranger” heavy duty floor mats.
4WD Accessories: 45L Engel fridge & slider and 57L Black Widow water tank & pump.
Seats: Stock seats, fronts with sheepskin covers, off-road slip-on canvas covers.
Lights: Additional interior front and rear courtesy lights; IPF driving lights with colour-matched cases, IPF headlights and twin reverse lights; work light.
Winches: Front high-mount Warn XDC 9600 lb. with wire cable

GQ Nissan Patrol GQ Nissan Patrol

Drive-train & Suspension

Steering: Stock Nissan steering box with a “Tough Dog” 9-way adjustable steering damper and Snake heavy-duty drag link.
Front Suspension: “Tough Dog” 4 inch lift heavy-duty coils; “Snake Racing” caster bushes, radius-arm spacers, heavy-duty Panhard rod.
Front Differential: Stock Nissan open diff.
Front Sway Bar: Stock bar with “Snake Racing” disconnectors
Front Shocks: “Tough Dog” 45mm big-bore, 9-stage adjustable
Rear Shocks: All matching components to front; plus “Snake Racing” adjustable upper and lower control arms and “Poly-Air” bags in the rear springs
Bump Stops: All stock Nissan
Axle Housings and Shafts: All stock Nissan
Brakes: 4-wheel vented discs, twin-piston front calipers, single piston floating rear calipers.

GQ Nissan Patrol GQ Nissan Patrol

Wheels and Tires

Tires: 2 sets, including 2 spares for each set:
Road; Yokohama Geolandar ATS All-Terrain 33 x12.5 x 15LT 108S
Off-road: Goodyear Wrangler MTR Mud-terrain 33 x 12.5 x 15LT 108Q
Rims: Road wheels: Dick Cepek DC-1 alloy, 15 x 8 JJ
Off-road wheels: ROH BlakTrak steel, 15 x 8 J

GQ Nissan Patrol


Story by Krystal Harden