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    Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge 2011 

    Tuff Truck 2011 Entry

    Once a club competition the Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge has grown into one of the most anticipated events in the 4WD competition calendar.

    Event History

    Spectators at rock crawling event Tough Dog Tuff Truck 2011 Drawing in the largest crowds, record number of vehicle entries and widespread media attention, it all started 10 years ago as a small 4WD club competition where members showed off their engineering expertise and solved inter-club rivalry.

    Complicated finical stress saw the Tuff Truck event was privatized and thus saved with its sale at the end of 2009. Backed by committed and passionate team the 2010 event went off!

    Word of increased police presence, family friendly activities and strict alcohol rules allowed the event to shake off its bogan image and attract more family spectators. But it may have been the persuasive language of large CASH prize money and more challenging stages that drew in competitors.

    2011 Event

    Now in 2011 a new trend is emerging. As more skilled drivers are putting pressure on the “old boys” it seams the days of make it or break it are gone and competitors are getting serious. Paying close attention to scoring penalties, reducing the throttle pressure for better steering control and gearing up with more advanced components.

    The event format has remained the same. 12 stages, or 12 opportunities for competitors to earn valuable points held over 3 days. 8 stages are rock crawling events, 1 mud stage and event stables including verification, show and shine and the travel ramp.

    Event Highlights

    Show and Shine Spectators and Tuff Trucks at Tough Dog Tuff Truck

    59 Competitors were crammed into the Show and Shine line up. Add to this a record number of Friday afternoon spectators and you can be excused for feeling like a tinned sardine.  The Show and Shine is a great start to the event as it allows fans, spectators and competitors to mingle and compare trucks.

    Officials had a hard time selecting the overall stage winners for the show and shine as all competitors had brought out all the crowd pleasers, or should I say touch up paint and tyer shine to impress the judges. Eventually the decision of a tie between the immaculately presented bright orange, V8 powered Toyota Hilux owned by Peter White of team West End Boys and the technically advanced and Toyota FJ40 OPW driven by Tazz Baguley was made.

    Travel Ramp

    When getting the most out of your wheel travel is a core foundation of the sport, you need a way to measure and compare between the many different suspension types. Introducing the Travel Ramp. The travel ramp is a 4WD competition staple. You will find one at just about every 4WD event, show and club.

    No ramp is as famous as the OPW Travel Ramp at Tuff Truck. Since 2001 the Ramp has been dominated by two vehicles, Peter Antunac’s FJ40 Cruiser called OPW and Phil Noble’s GU Nissan Patrol called Evolution. This year OPW continued its rule of the ramp for the 3rd year in a row. Brining OPW’s travel ramp stage wins to 7 out of the 9 years it has been run.

    Rocky Horror Stage

    Nissan GQ Patrol Advanti Racing rock crawling at Tough Dog Tuff Truck

    The second year back after being closed, redesigned and resurrection of the legendary Tuff Truck waterfall, the Rocky Horror Stage is a true crowd pleaser that looks set to stay. Competitors face slippery S-bends, rock steps and boulders as the race up and down hill towards the finish line.
    The course is very spectator friendly with a full track view from almost all locations along the fence line. The best part about this track is competitors don’t hold back as they use any means necessary to make it up the waterfall!

    The first attempts are usually careful and strategic so drivers can get a feel for their wheel placement. Add a few numbers and trucks roar as they do the unimaginable and conquer the sandstone sofa sized blocks!

    Snake Racing Frame Twister

    Some loathe it and others love it but all competitors agree it’s a very challenging course! Designed to be very technically difficult and to test competitor’s communication the Frame Twister has it all. Rocks, logs, earthmoving tyres, jumps, tyre pit, 2 enormous bonus lines and only 10 minuets to complete the track.

    This track is great viewing for spectators from just about every position along the fence line. The tricky angles, tight turns and amount of obstacles mean you’re guaranteed to see some classic drives and epic damages.

    Top 10 Place Winners

    Toyota 45 Series Cruiser rock crawler David Camp and Hayden Smith win Tough Dog Tuff Truck 2011

    Place Team Name Points Prize
    1 Rock Rash Racing 1,097 $6000
    2 Tough Dog 1,060 $3500
    3 OPW 1,059 $2000
    4 MAD FAB Snake Racing 990 $1750
    5 Komatsu 928 $1100
    6 Anabolic 910
    7 Gympie Offroad 888
    8 Army Barbie 880
    9 Oh Deere 860
    10 ZUK 404 853

    Stage Winners

    Stage Name Winner Points Prize
    S2 – Engineering / Show & Shine West End Boys
    S3 – Travel Ramp (RTI) OPW 58 (1500) $1000
    S4 –  Mudrat’s Revenge OPW 125 $1000
    S5 – Glenn Dobbin Mystery Night OPW 123 $1000
    S6 – Frame Twister Pirate 98 $1000
    S7 – Mini Wirraba OPW 94 $1000
    S8 – Devil’s Marbles Komatsu 125 $1000
    S9 – Jaw Breaker Overkill Engineering 117 $1000
    S10 – Rock Garden Rock Rash 123 $1000
    S11 – Heartbreak Ridge Rock Rash 118 $1000
    S12 – Rocky Horror Tough Dog 98 $1000

    If your thinking of attending the Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge my advice is add it to your Bucket List now and Start Planning! It is a once in a lifetime experience where 4WD competition legends are made and V8 powered, 40” sticky tyre dreams become a reality. Check out our Tough Dog Tuff Truck Planning Guide for some insider tips and See You Track Side in 2012!! 😉

    Check out more Tough Dog Tuff Truck 2011 highlights by visiting our video gallery, photo galleryFacebook Page and YouTube Channel.

    Want to take the the action home with you? Now you can watch all the Tough Dog Tuff Truck carnage and crawling over and over again on the DVD! Click here to view the Tough Dog Tuff Truck DVD range.

    Tuff Truck 2011

    Story by Krystal Harden

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    Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge 2011 Photo Gallery 

    Tough Dog Tuff Truck Event Logo

    4 years running and Snake Racing is still Proud to be a Major Sponsor!

    The 2011 Tough Dog Tuff Truck attracted a record 59 competitors all prepared and eager to test their rock crawling skills on Australia’s most well known rock crawling domain. Once again drawing in another epic crowd of new characters and faithful followers these photos speak for themselves. For even more the  Tough Dog Tuff Truck galleries check out the Snake Racing Facebook Page and Video Gallery.

    If you want take all the Tuff Truck action home to relive again and again, take a look at our range of Tuff Truck DVD’s and Merchandise.


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    Rigid Industries LED Lighting 

    Rigid Industries 20" LED

    Are you looking at lighting options for your vehicle, boat or heavy machinery?

    The Snake Racing video information guides take you through the features of the Rigid Industry LED lighting products and comparisons between the different size options. You will be amazed by the power, efficiency and durability of the Rigid Industries LED lighting range. Read and compare the technical details, dimensions and prices by clicking here.

    LED Light Bars by Rigid Industries

    Rigid Industries 10″ and 30″ LED Light Bar Comparison

    Rigid Industries Torture Test

    Rigid Industries put the quality of their LED light bars to the test as they chop, steak, grind, drown and crush a range of E Series, SR Series and Dually LED products. Watch the Torture Test to see how they ended up!

    Rigid Dually 1300 Lumens Compact LED Light in Spot or Flood

    Weather your heading forwards or in reverse, the Rigid Industries Dually Compact LED is an efficient and tidy option for your  motorbike, vehicle or boat. Watch to find out more!

    Rigid Industries E Series and Dually Light Covers

    A great addition for E Series light bars and Dually (inc D2) LED lights, the translucent covers offer protection to the lens when the LED light is in use and the opaque covers offer protection when the LED light is not in use. Watch Krystal below to find out more!

    For more information, dimensions and price guide on all our Rigid Industries LED products click here.

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    Toyota Hilux suspension installation – Tough Dog 40mm lift kit 

    Simon from Tough Dog measuring vehicle height for Toyota HiLux suspension lift

    Simon from Tough Dog suspension dropped by the Snake Racing workshop to show you how to install Tough Dog’s 40mm suspension lift kit into a 2010 Toyota HiLux.

    Tool List

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    Tough Dog Coil Strut Kit for Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi 

    Tough Dog complete strut fitted to Toyota Hilux

    Are you a DIY installer?

    The Tough Dog Coil Strut Kit is a complete pre-assembled coil strut. No spring compressor required. Watch the Snake Racing video guide as Krystal tells you more about the Coil Strut Kit.

    Want to know more? Find out all the Coil Strut Kit details by clicking here!

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    Trail-Gear Products 


    Want to know more about our extensive range of Trail-Gear products?

    Scroll through our Trail-Gear video library for a closer look at each featured product.

    Trail-Gear Dirty 30’s 30 Spline CV / Axle Kit for Toyota 4×4

    So strong they are backed by a Trail-Gear lifetime warranty, watch the video guide below to find out more.

    For more information on the Dirty 30’s click here!

    Trail-Gear Six Shooter Knuckle Kit for Toyota 4×4

    Do you have a problem with broken steering knuckles and studs? Watch our video guide about the Six Shooter Knuckle Kit to see how to get more reliability out of your steering setup.

    For more information on Trail-Gear steering products click here!

    To find out more about the huge range of Trail-Gear products available off the shelf in Australia, click here!

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    Radflo Hydra-Jac Demonstration 

    Radflo Hydra Jac

    If you’ve ever tried to change a tire off-road using an ordinary jack, you know how frustrating and even dangerous the exercise can be.

    The Radflo Hydra-Jac Demonstration vido shows you how quick and easy jacking up your four wheel drive can be.

    Want to know more? For more information, pictures and Hydra-Jac dimensions click here!

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    Nissan D22 Navara 3″ Lift Kit Selection 

    Nissan D22 Navara 3 inch suspension lift kit

    Do you need to know more about what 3″ lift kit is best suited for your D22 Nissan Navara?

    This video looks at Snake Racing’s popular D22 Navara 3″ lift kits and gives you a guide to which kit is best suited to your needs.

    Want even more? See more photos, videos and kit information by Clicking Here!

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    GoPro HD Motorsports HERO 

    GoPro HD Motorsports HERO

    Want to get more from your great sporting moments?

    Capture your most extreme angles up close and in high definition with the GoPro HD Motorsports HERO. Watch below as Krystal from Snake Racing explains their features and specifications.

    To find out more about the range of GoPro Cameras click here!

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    Toyota Hilux Solid Axle Dropped Drag Link 

    Toyota Hilux solid axel dropped drag link

    Looking at lifting your solid Axle HiLux above 2″?

    Then you will need consider using a dropped drag link for correcting misalignment in the steering geometry created by lifting the vehicle. Watch our video guide below to find out more.

    For more information on Snake Racing Dropped Drag Link click here!

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