Rigid Industries LED Light Bars, not just for 4 wheel drives!

Adam Hall with his Kenworth Truck showing the Rigid Industries LED bar

Krystal from Snake Racing met up with Adam Hall to find out how his 30″ Rigid Industries LED light bar was going.

Adam Hall is not an easy man to catch up with. A dedicated truckie, most of his year is spent at the wheel of a Kenworth Aerodyne. Towing stage equipment across Australia for visiting bands, Adam has worked with every music genre from Powderfinger to The Wiggles.

Spending most of the night driving straight through between shows, Adam ensures the stage always gets to the show on time. Krystal Harden from Snake Racing caught up with Adam as he passed through Sydney between shows.

Krystal: What other lighting have you tried in the past?
Adam: Hella Rally 2000’s- broke
Narvas- average
Lightforce 240s- stolen

Krystal: How did you find out about the Rigid Industries LED Bars?
Adam: I saw the lights on display at the Australian 4×4 masters and called Krystal from Snake Racing.

Krystal: Why did you choose the Rigid Industries Bar over other lighting types.
Adam: I do a lot of night driving so good lighting is a must. I like a lot of peripheral light and white light. A lot of people like to see distance but for me seeing the sides of the roads for kangaroo’s and wild animals running out is more important. Kenwood Areodyne with 30" Rigid Industries E-Series LED Bar on front

Krystal: How are you finding the 30” Bar so far?
Adam: 30” bar absolutely fantastic! I am amazed at how white the light is, especially in wet conditions. Most lights seem to disappear into the rain when driving however Rigid Industries LED’s seem to get brighter and light up everything!

Krystal: Touring across Australia would mean you are driving in variety of different conditions. How has your 30” performed in different driving conditions?
Adam: Yes, being on tour means we drive absolutely everywhere from Hobart to Darwin. I drive the Nullarbor Plains quite a bit.

Recently we had light rain as it came onto dusk and a lot of kangaroo’s came out to drink. This can be quite dangerous for a driver. Every other truck in the convoy of about 8 trucks had a lot of problems with the kangaroo’s. With my LED bar light has a good peripheral throw and most of the kangaroo’s actually kept off the road.

Krystal: Have you had much feed back from your friends and co-workers about your new Rigid Industries LED light bar?
Adam: Yes! I tend to be the lead driver on the convoys because I can see where we are going!

Everyone comments on the bar because it looks simple, not very big and like it is just for show, but it is certainly much more than that!


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Rigid Industries 30" LED light Bar mounted to bull bar of Kenwood Aerodyne

Story by Krystal Harden