Rhett Bryant and the Fully Loaded Suzuki Sierra!

Suziki Sierra on NOS

“Every Time I Sit in my Rig is a Great Moment” – Rhett Bryant

He’s Fast, He’s Furious and he’s firing off all cylinders with a fully charged bottle of NOS! For this tiny but mighty Suziki Sierra hand built by Queensland’s Wild, Rock Crawling Red Nut, Rhett Bryant “it’s allways a wheel base thing.” Krystal Harden from Snake Racing caught up with Rhett up to take a closer look at his Tuff Truck podium placing mini beast.


The early days of Rhett Bryant's Stock Suzuki Sierra

Starting out from humble stock as a rock beginnings, Rhett’s sierra joined the Bryant family in December of 2002. Picked up from the Ipswich dealership this 89 model Sierra was initially desten to become a mud racer.


Theres no doubt about it, this tough Sierra is special. Rhett joked about using the Sierra as the bridal car. Jennie (Rhetts wife) jokingly told Rhett, “you can use the Sierra if it is spotless.” This was enough of a commitment to encourage Rhett to start a full re-build of the truck and in 2005 the Sierria shone like a diamond as a ‘spotless’ matrimonial chariot.

The Sierra evolved as Rhett’s passion for rock crawling increased. Developing build ideas and fine tuning his fabrication skills until finally in 2007 the extreme-rock-crawler build up phase began. The 4″ grinder and welder became Rhetts most valued tools as he transformed the Sierra into a mini Monster Truck.


CR_Rhett_Suzuki_11_build_5_005a-wCR_Rhett_Suzuki_12_build_5_008a-w CR_Rhett_Suzuki_13_build_5_022-w CR_Rhett_Suzuki_14_02313-w

9 months later and the Gympie Off Road Suzuki was ready for the Australian rock crawling scene. It was driven for the first time at the Mud, Bulls and Music festival held at Queenslands’s Landcruiser Park  in November 2008. Rhett presented the sierra as an unpainted and non-rear steer truck. Choosing not to drive in the Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge in 2009 Rhett showcased his driving skills in 2010 where he placed 3rd overall.


Tuff Truck Challenge 2010

An extreme 4×4 enthusiast and experienced competitor Rhett’s Suzuki Sierra not only keeps the bigger 4WD’s honest, he drives it with style. Rhett has a reputation for never giving up and when the going get’s tough use the NOS!  If you see Rhett pull up to the starting line, then rest assured your in for a treat. This is the Gympie Off Road Suzukie Sierra under the microscope.
CR_Rhett_Suzuki_17_childers_3-w King_of_Rim_R2_2010_PreCreek_0189-w

Name: Team Rhett Bryant – Gympie Off Road
Home town: Gympie, QLD
Vehicle Type: Truggy, rockcrawler
Builder: 99.5% home built
Navigator: Varies, I wear a lot out. King of rim will be Roger Edols, Tuff Truck 2011 will be Gary Dean

CR_Rhett_Suzuki_24_a_hot_turbo-w CR_Rhett_Suzuki_SG_2030p-w

Vehicle Details

Make: Suzuki
Model: Sierra
Chassis Design: A mostly stock chassie with all bracketry removed and dove tail rear.
Engine: GB13b with a few upgraded internals
Radiator: Alloy mazda RX7 aftermarket (only thing that would fit)
Air Intake: Forced via TD4 Turbo
Exhaust: Turbo
Gearbox: Stock Sierra 5 spd
Transfer Case(s): Sierra case with Trail Gear 6.5 Crawler Gears
Fuel: Premium with Nitrous

CR_Rhett_Suzuki_18_climb-w CR_Rhett_Suzuki_19_climb3-w

Body Work

Body: Mostly tube frame body.
Stock bonnet, alloy panels
Painter Name: Rhett Bryant
Dash: Speco gauges
Seats: Sierra seats recovered in straight black, 4 point harness
Lights: LED grommet mount rear lights, grommet mount eald beam front lights (only thing that would fit again!)
Winches: Shortened 9000lb front. No rear winch

CR_Rhett_Suzuki_20_manar_117-w CR_Rhett_Suzuki_squeeze-w


Steering: A 8” single ended ram up front and a 6” single ended in the rear. The orbital valve is Trail Gear and the rear is controlled with a manual hydro valve.
Front Suspension: A frame front steel A frame, 6000 series lower links.
Front Differential: Hilux diff with ARB air locker.
Front Sway Bar: none
Front Shocks: 18″ Fox air shocks
Front Bump Stops: none
Front Axel Housing: Hilux
Front Differential Cover: Home made 6mm mild steel
Rear Suspension: Single triangulated 4 link with steel uppers, 6000 series lowers.
Rear Sway Bar: none
Rear Shocks : 18″ Fox air shocks
Rear Bump Stops: none
Rear Axel Housing: Hilux
Rear Differential Cover: 6mm protection strip over the crown wheel
Rear Axel Shafts: Trail-Gear dirty 30’s
Rear Brakes: Hilux disks

CS_Rhett_Suzuki_22_IMG_2044-w CS_Rhett_Suzuki_23_IMG_2050-w

Wheels and Tyres

Tyres: 37x 13.5 Maxis Trepador stickys
Rims: Home made rim. Or if they turn up in time Alloy bead locks from Allied Wheels

King_of_Rim_R2_2010_PreCreek_0121-w Tuff Truck Challenge 2010

5 Minuets with Rhett Bryant

Q: What is the favourite thing about your truck?
A: That’s a hard choice between either the nitrous or the rear steer.

Q: How did you get into 4 wheel driving?
A: Don’t really know. It’s just what I have always been into. I’ve never really played in any other motor sports.

Q: Can you share some of your best build up experiences?

A: I’ve had too many good times building both my and my mates trucks to single out just one experience.

Q: What about some of your worst build up experiences?
A: 10 stitches and a cut artery while mounting up a recovery point.

Q: What is your best four wheel driving moment?
A: Every time I sit in my rig is a great moment. Recently I have been the first to climb some stupidly big rocks, they would have to be up there with my best moments.

Q: What is the one tool you wouldn’t leave home without?
A: My 4” grinder. I built most of my tuck with it.

Q: Do you have any future plans for your truck?
A: I’m going to fit Trail Gear 6 shooter knuckles, pump and a double ended ram to the front steering. I’m upgrading the lower link joints to 7/8 ends and if I don’t have them yet, fit my alloy Allied beadlocks.

Tuff Truck Challenge 2010


Story Krystal Harden