Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge 2009 Video Gallery 

Tuff Truck Challenge logo

The Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge (TTC) is a three day, hard as they come, 4WD competition event. The TTC is grueling and enduring, and provides a real test for competing teams as they push themselves and their vehicles to the absolute limit. Boulders, Rock, Mud, Giant Tyres, Deep Deep Holes and Ruts make up the terrain that competitors must conquer… in hope of taking out the annual perpetual Tuff Truck trophy.

The Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge has been proudly sponsored by Snake Racing since 2008 😉 Check out some of the action from the 2009 event here!

Find even more event videos on our YouTube Channel- Snake Racing Australia

Team MAD FAB  on Devils Marbles

Team Advanti Racing on The Snake Racing Frame Twister

Team OPW on the Travel Ramp

Team Bundy on Devils Marbles

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